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Press Release

5th Annual Art of Brooklyn Film Festival Announces Official Selections and Screening Schedule

The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival enters its 5th year with a full slate of new independent films. 53 films across all genres have been selected, including 15 World Premieres. This year, AoBFF will screen in Brooklyn Heights, Sunset Park and Bay Ridge. AoBFF is the only festival in the world where every film has a link to the diverse Brooklyn creative scene.

Apr. 29, 2015 / PRZen / BROOKLYN, N.Y. -- The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival has announced it's 2015 lineup of films, 15 of which are World Premieres. 53 films have been selected for the 5th Annual AoBFF, and every one has a significant connection to Brooklyn. AoBFF is the only film fest in the world that requires every film to have a link to the Borough’s creative scene in order to be eligible for screening.

The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival runs May 13-17. Full schedule and tickets are available at and the discount code 15AOBFF20 will save 20% on tickets and festival passes purchased online.

Standout films for 2015 include:

Hunter&Game, a Spinal Tap-esque mockumentary about a Brooklyn-based electronic music duo. Directed by Kevin Alexander.

Universal Language, a romance shot guerilla-style in Paris in a week by a 6-person Brooklyn film crew, directed by Kirsten Russell.

Three To Infinity: Beyond Two Genders, a feature doc about people who don’t identify as male or female, directed by Sheepshead Bay native Lonny Shavelson.

Life Sentences, a documentary about families affected by the incarceration of their loved ones. The film includes commentary from experts and activists, such as Angela Davis about the current state of the prison system. Directed by Brooklyn filmmaker Jesse Rosenberg.

Lake Nowhere, a pitch-perfect tribute to early-80s slasher films. Inspired by the dusty days of VHS, the film is preceded by original trailers & commercials, replicating the experience of watching a long lost bootleg tape. Created by Brooklyn-based production company Ursidae Parade. Christopher Phelps, the co-director, co-writer, and editor of the film, also lives in the borough, along with many of the actors and crew.

You, Your Brain & You, a comedic and episodic look at how the Brain Institute helped 81 people with their brain skills; from the ordinary (intelligence and creativity) to the extraordinary (controlling the weather and bending space-time). But one man is determined to show that the head of the Brain Institute is a fraud and a charlatan. Directed by Scott Bateman (Disalmanac) who financed the film with part of his winnings from Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, the film features dozens of members of the NYC comedy scene, including Mystery Science Theater 3000’s Kevin Murphy and The State’s Kevin Allison, and was shot at many Brooklyn locations.

2015 AoBFF Official Selections:

Narrative Feature
Bar Songs - Musical Comedy, 80 min, USA Directed by Ryan Collins - World Premiere
Beneath Disheveled Stars - Drama, 108 min, USA/Ireland Directed by Kevin Baggott - Brooklyn Premiere
Delivery Hour - Drama, 68 min, USA Directed by Benjamin Orifici - Brooklyn Premiere
Hunter&Game - Satire, 76 min, USA Directed by Kevin Alexander - East Coast Premiere
Living with the Dead - Drama, 93 min, USA Directed by Christine Vartoughian - NYC Premiere
Stuck - Comedy, 85 min, USA Directed by John Painz - Brooklyn Premiere
You, Your Brain, & You - Comedy, 85 min, USA Directed by Scott Bateman - World Premiere

Documentary Feature
John McGill Banned - Documentary, 63 min, USA Directed by Michael A. Broz - World Premiere
Three to Infinity: Beyond Two Genders - Documentary, 84 min, USA Directed by Lonny Shavelson - World Premiere

Narrative Short Subject
As a Friend - Drama, 18 min, USA Directed by Miles Joris-Peyrafitte
Bumdom - Comedy, 16 min, USA Directed by Matt Cascella - Brooklyn Premiere
Eulogy - Drama, 13 min, USA Directed by Don Capria
Father Like Son - Horror/Suspense, 16 min, USA Directed by Derek Shane Garcia - World Premiere
Fish Hook - Drama, 12 min, USA Directed by Nickolas Duarte - East Coast Premiere
GUADALQUIVIR - Drama, 34 min, France/Spain Directed by Francois Chaillou - World Premiere
Humpty - Comedy, 15min, USA Directed by Clare Sackler - NYC Premiere
La Ultima Noche - Drama, 13min, USA Directed by Felipe Vara de Rey - NYC Premiere
Lake Nowhere - Horror, 50min, USA - Directed by Christopher Phelps - Brooklyn Premiere
LAZARUS - Drama, 17min, USA - Directed by Kate Cortesi - Brooklyn Premiere
Queso Flameado - Comedy, 7min, USA - Directed by Jean Geraldine Pesce - East Coast Premiere
the good boy - Drama, 14min, USA - Directed by A. L. Lee - World Premiere
Universal Language - Comedy, 35min, USA - Directed by Kirsten Russell - Brooklyn Premiere
What’s Eating Dad? - Horror/Comedy, 11min, USA - Directed by Michael Goldburg
When the Gun Goes Down - Drama, 33min, USA - Directed by Ali Eldin - Brooklyn Premiere

Documentary Short Subject
Artspeak - Documentary, 15min, Italy/USA, Directed by Bill Claps - Brooklyn Premiere
Blade #1 - Documentary, 42min, USA Zuzka Kurtz - Brooklyn Premiere
Code Oakland - Documentary, 21min, USA Directed by Kelly Amis - Brooklyn Premiere
Green Card - Documentary, 8min, USA- Directed by Pilar/David Rico/Whitmer - Brooklyn Premiere
Jazzsoon: Portrait of a Brooklyn Hustler- Documentary, 5min, USA - Directed by Ivan Cash - World Premiere
Kara Walker: “A Subtlety, or the Marvelous Sugar Baby” - Short Documentary, 10min, USA - Directed by Ian Forster
Life Sentences - Documentary, 20min, USA - Directed by Jesse Rosenberg - Brooklyn Premiere
Minding Our Own - Documentary, 45min, USA Directed by Inaya Yusuf - World Premiere

Film As Art (Experimental/Non-Linear/Avant-Garde)
Batteries Not Included - Film as Art, 5min, USA Directed by Joseph Sciorra - Brooklyn Premiere
Bebete e Daniboy - Film as Art, 35min, Brazil - Brooklyn Premiere
Confluence - Film as Art, 5min, USA Directed by Noah Shulman
Corazon Salvaje (Heart Unhinged) - Film as Art, 5min, USA Directed by Andrew Keating - Brooklyn Premiere
Place Between - Film as Art, 11min, UK/USA Directed by Sarah Poekert and Angie Conte - NYC Premiere
she - Film as Art, 12 min, USA - Directed by Kyle Parsons - World Premiere
Six Dreams About a City - Film as Art, 24 min, China/USA - Directed by Chengliang Chai - NYC Premiere
The Emotional Dimensions of the James River - Film as Art, 3 min, USA Directed by Michelle Marquez - NYC Premiere

Super-Shorts (Under 10 min.)
BUBBLES - Drama, 5 min, USA - Directed by Robert Gadol Lavenstein - Brooklyn Premiere
Corazon - Drama, 5 min, USA Directed by Shavon Meyers - Brooklyn Premiere
Death by Scrabble - Comedy, 4 min, USA Directed by Ryan Geiger - East Coast Premiere
Let Me Wonder - Drama, 10 min, USA Directed by Zachary Romeo - World Premiere
Milk Run - Comedy, 9 min, USA Directed by Alexandria Collins- Brooklyn Premiere
Mr. Chavan - Drama, 6 min, USA Directed by Eddie Shieh - Brooklyn Premiere
Our Quiet Night - Drama, 3 min, USA Directed by Lisann Valentin - Brooklyn Premiere
Rhythm of the City - Animation, 2 min, USA Directed by Julie Gratz – World Premiere
TEST - Comedy, 10 min, USA Directed by Jay Lifton - Brooklyn Premiere
THIS IS SHE - Drama, 10 min, USA - Directed by Tarik Karam - North American Premiere
Your Direction – Music Video, 5 min, USA Directed by Lauren Brady

Big Bag - Animation, 13 min, Spain - Directed by Ricardo Martin Coloma - NYC Premiere
Teeth - Animation, 6min, UK/Hungary/USA - Directed by Tom Brown and Daniel Gray - Brooklyn Premiere
The Vase - Animation, 2min, USA Directed by Jeremy Kruse - World Premiere

Source: The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival

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