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Press Release

Diversion Books Energizes American Classics with Series Commemorating 150th Anniversary of the Civil War's End

Releases Shine Spotlight on Era’s Most Important Works

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New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/22/2015 -- Diversion Books today announced the release of its twenty-volume Civil War Classics series, the publisher's high-value, low-cost eBook line commemorating the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War.

Shining a spotlight on the era's most important, influential, and revealing works, the series includes 20 seminal titles, from first-hand accounts like The Papers And Writings Of Abraham Lincoln — Volume 1 and Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl , by Harriet A. Jacobs, to canonical works of fiction like Uncle Tom's Cabin, by Harriet Beecher Stowe, to fascinating autobiographies such as The Story of Cole Younger , by a Confederate Army captain who later joined Jesse James' gang of outlaws.

"We read through hundreds of titles to choose twenty that illustrate as broad a panorama of the era as possible," says Diversion Books Acquisitions Editor Randall Klein. Publisher Scott Waxman seconds the sentiment. "This collection seeks to highlight the wide range of engaging literature from the period. Whether you are a history teacher, a history buff, or a military buff, these books are required reading, with themes and ideas that resonate today."

The series, which features covers by renowned, award-winning illustrator Wendell Minor, gathers stories told by the men and women who led, who fought, who suffered, and who lived in an America that had come apart at the seams.

Diversion has made the Civil War Classics series available wherever eBooks are sold.

About Diversion Books
Founded in 2010, Diversion Books has emerged as a premier indie publisher, partnering with top literary agencies, media companies, and authors to build a rapidly-growing catalog across a range of genres. With its cutting-edge marketing and versatility in the changing landscape, Diversion proudly publishes top-tier authors old and new, building the next-generation publishing company, one great book at a time.


The Every-day Life of Abraham Lincoln: A time and place as complex as Civil War America needed a leader as complex as Abraham Lincoln. These stories reveal new depths of our 16th President as a family man, a statesman, and a leader.

The Story of Young Abraham Lincoln: Lincoln's vision as a leader was instilled in him from a young age, and the lessons he learned as a young man carried him into the White House, and into the history books, as one of America's most commanding figures. The insights offered in this enlightening volume show the formative years of the boy who would become our 16th President.

Hero Tales From American History: Two of America's finest statesman present tales that illustrate the bravery, the perseverance, and the dangers that went into building a great nation.

Great Britain and the American Civil War: Readers of Amanda Forman's seminal work, A World on Fire, will become enthralled reading the British take on a war they did not start, but set in motion centuries before in colonizing the New World. A must-have for the Civil War completist.

Recollections and Letters of General Robert E. Lee: The commander of the Confederacy, "Light Horse Harry," remains one of the most fascinating figures of the American Civil War. These are his letters, the personal thoughts and insights from a great military mind and icon of the era.

The Story of Cole Younger: Cole Younger served as a captain in the Confederate Army, overseeing some of the bloodiest battles in the guerilla warfare that bloodied Missouri. After the War, Younger continued his fighting ways, joining a group of outlaws that included Jesse James. Here, he sets his extraordinary story down, the tale of a war and all the battles that followed.

Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl: A Memoir of a Former Slave: Among the first slave narratives to be published, Harriet A. Jacobs led an extraordinary life, punctuated by the hardship of slavery and made indelible by the sheer power of her words. In this narrative she writes candidly of the treatment she witnessed and endured as a slave, as well as her dramatic escape to freedom.

The Papers and Writings of Abraham Lincoln — Volume 1 (1832-1843): The first entry in the comprehensive collection of the writings from the 16th President. This volume cover his years in the Illinois House of Representatives, at the beginning of a political career that would eventually take him into the White House, and the country into its most tumultuous period.

Uncle Tom's Cabin: Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel has understandably grown in stature since publication. It's now viewed as one of the most powerful and effecting works of the era, one that helped shape public opinion on slavery. As mesmerizing today as when it was published (and became the bestselling novel of the 19th century), the characters Eliza and George, Simon Legree, Little Eva, Topsy, and especially the noble and faithful Tom continue to resonate through the fabric of time.

The Great Conspiracy: What Led Us to the Civil War: John Alexander Logan's astonishing historical work chronicles the events leading up to the Civil War, revealing a country divided by more than just a belief in, or revulsion of, slavery. A vital exploration of the fractious ideologies and the political figures that led the country into its bloodiest conflict.

Hospital Sketches: Little Women made Louisa May Alcott a canonical writer, but it was Hospital Sketches that first brought her acclaim. The four sections, based on letters Alcott sent home during a six-week stint as a volunteer nurse for the Union Army, reveal the horrors of battlefield medicine. As she grows into her role, Alcott brings grace and dignity to the badly injured men, and in her letters, she reveals a writer growing into her own immense talents.

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass: An American Slave: One of the most important figures of the Civil War, Frederick Douglass rose to become a tremendous orator, an impassioned abolitionist, and a representative of all who remained voiceless through slavery and oppression. His bestselling story continues to inspire and instruct generations of Americans.

Reminiscences of Forts Sumter and Moultrie: 1860-1861: Most know Abner Doubleday as the man who "invented" baseball. But before he dedicated himself to the national pastime, he was a captain of artillery in the Union Army. This highly readable account of his time at war brings keen observation to the brutal conflict.

Stonewall Jackson and the American Civil War: One of the leading generals of the Confederacy, Stonewall Jackson played a vital role in the Civil War, and an even more important role in the mythology of the South. This biography of Jackson, written by renowned military historian G.F.R. Henderson, strives to capture not only the man, but also the legend that surrounds him to this day.

From Manassas to Appomattox: Memoirs of the Civil War in America: In tones both blunt and candid, James Longstreet, who served as the chief strategist to General Robert E. Lee, writes what he saw, what he knows, and what he thinks the war meant to a country divided.

The Story of a Cannoneer Under Stonewall Jackson: A boots-on-the-ground memoir told by a man who enlisted barely out of childhood and lived through some of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War. A fascinating account of the life of a Confederate soldier.

Andersonville: A Story of Rebel Military Prisons: For men who endured the horrors of the Civil War, Andersonville Prison represented an even more terrifying level of hell. John McElroy's eye-opening, bestselling account of his imprisonment captures the grim realities of a place where one in every four men died.

Women's Work in the Civil War: Profiles in Strength During the Civil War: Shining much-needed light on women's roles during the war, this collection features profiles of well-known figures such as Clara Barton and Dorothea Dix, as well as women history has largely forgotten. Until now.

The Strange Story of Harper's Ferry: Joseph Barry's chronicle of abolitionist John Brown's famous raid on a federal armory—and his subsequent capture—is a meticulously rendered, essential account of a seismic event in the buildup to the war.

Famous Adventures and Prison Escapes of the Civil War: These accounts of prison escapes show what desperate men will do, fleeing unequivocal peril behind enemy lines, struggling to get back to their own side and live to fight another day. Searing and difficult, this account puts readers into the minds of men at the precipice, willing to risk death for freedom.

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