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Press Release

Top Travellers Reveal Tactical Tips to Avoid Theft

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - April 14, 2015) - Many of us have learned first hand that nothing can ruin a travel adventure quicker than having your money or personal possessions stolen. In an ongoing effort to improve travel for all Canadians, The Divine Destination Collection - Canada's curator of unique luxury travel adventures for the country's most discerning clientele, has released the first of their top tactical travel tips created by polling their inner circle of highly experienced luxury travel lovers.

A. Top Tactical Tips to Avoid Travel Theft

  1. Keep 'Tommy Tourist' on a tether
    One respondent reported that her husband has "Tommy Tourist written on his forehead" so she keeps all his documents and money strapped around her neck and only gives them to him when needed.
  1. Give your luggage a twist
    Another respondent recommends using twist ties to securely and inexpensively secure your luggage while allowing security access if needed. This clever twist adds significantly more time for would-be thieves to get into your luggage and may keep them from picking your bags in the first place.
  1. Upgrade your travel tech
    A traveller reports purchasing a travel safe purse with a 'slash proof' strap. Slashing the strap of a bag is a quick way for thieves to make off with your belongings. The respondent added that the purse also had anti-scan pockets for credit cards. They also purchased an anti-scan wallet.
  1. Make the call
    Calling your credit card company to let them know you are travelling could stop fraud before it starts. As one respondent recommends, credit card companies can flag your card to see if there are any unusual or potentially fraudulent charges.
  1. Go Native
    One respondent suggests leaving the Canadian flag clothing and luggage tags at home as it can be a clear tip-off that you are from a first world country and likely have valuables in your luggage and on your person.

"Travel theft is a serious problem for all travellers, but particularly for our clientele of luxury travel lovers," said Allison Frame, Chief Luxury, Adventure and Relationship Officer for The Divine Destination Collection. "To make travel better for all Canadians, we are leveraging the experience of our seasoned luxury travellers to share their best anti-theft travel tactics and head off thieves before they can strike."

B. Additional Findings of the Poll:

  1. Canadian luxury travellers are highly optimistic:
    Only 30% polled worry 'somewhat about theft.'
    26.67% worry 'Not much' about theft and 23.3% worry "moderately."
    A surprisingly low 13.3% worry 'quite a bit' about theft while on vacation.
  1. But they prepare for the worst:
    76.6% do not travel wearing valuable clothing, watches or jewellery.
  1. And they take additional precautions to avoid theft while travelling:
    90% use the hotel safe for valuables.
    76.67% do not travel with expensive bags.
    60% stay and explore in only well lit areas.
    46.67% travel with a local guide.
    36.67% 'dress down' while on vacation.
  1. Bling is the thing!
    43.3% polled believe that watches and jewellery 'give you away' as a luxury traveller!
    16.67% believe that designer shoes and clothing make you a target for thieves.
    13.3% suggest the hotel that you stay at reveals your wealth.
    Only 10% believe that expensive luggage betrays you to would-be thieves.
    26.67% travel with less expensive luggage.

The Divine Destination Collection (TDDC) is currently seeking new people to join their Divine-by-Design Travel Advisory Board - an interesting new concept to the luxury travel marketplace. Aside from occasionally assisting in polls, the advisory board gives discerning travellers a unique opportunity to explore behind-the-scenes of a trip design. Advisor members help influence everything, from choosing the destinations to shaping the trip experiences.

About The Divine Destination Collection:

The Divine Destination Collection is Canada's curator of unique luxury travel adventures for the country's most discerning clientele. The privately owned company develops unique travel experiences that combine elements of luxury, adventure and magical moments that touch the soul.

Aside from developing classic trips to remarkable destinations around the world and organizing private trips for small groups, the company just launched its Divine-by-Design Travel Advisory Board, a brand new concept for engaging the travel curious. Membership gives individuals the opportunity to meet like-mind travellers, advise on the trip design, and begin the adventure long before the departure day.

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