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Winter Ice Sets Up Spring Water Invasion

Brooklyn winter ice and snow melting always leads to potential water damage issues in homes and business. This can also lead to mold and other health issues. Make sure you take care of any water damage with a certified professional right away.

Mar. 25, 2015 / PRZen / BROOKLYN, N.Y. -- In the aftermath of a record breaking frigid spring for Brooklyn, NY, the weather outlook for spring includes snow, thaws, wintry mixes and rain with intermittent overnight freezes. That’s a recipe for moisture and water damage to your home or business, report the cleanup and restoration experts at NYC Duct Mold Water Cleanup.

You don’t have to have spring downpours or surface flooding to sustain interior water damage this time of the year. Avi Haber and his highly trained and experienced team at NYC Duct Mold Water Cleanup are prepared with 24-hour emergency response for Brooklyn residents.

Why worry about water with the remnants of ice and snow still outside? With some 15 inches of snow accumulation this winter in the New York Metropolitan Area, according to the National Climatic Data Center, unrelenting Polar conditions have hardened and compressed what’s on roofs and against building foundations. Ice pushes into cracks and gaps, lurking to invade dry interiors with milder temperatures, thawing and spring rainfall.

“Water has an amazing capacity to work its way inside, and as ice it opens points of entry,” explains Haber, who has faced all kinds of cleanup challenges over the years.

Once water gets inside, it can damage carpets and drywalls, even warping wooden floors before you know it is there. That’s just the beginning. There are also health concerns because the moisture breeds toxic molds and bacteria. From there they often spread to air ducts, becoming airborne throughout your home or business.

Quick response is critical to minimizing damage, and the quicker restoration experts are called in the better. Before repair, if needed, there is dehumidification and drying out wherever unwanted moisture has intruded.

Mold removal or remediation is also critical, especially if the moisture has been there for weeks and months. Your home or business could become a garden for multiplying bacteria, fungi and other micro-organisms.

“You’ll need certified specialists in mold inspection and testing,” Haber says. “If it’s there, we’ll find it. If it’s not, you’ve got the peace of mind of knowing you don’t have to worry about this health hazard to your family or employees.”

If water becomes an unwelcome guest, NYC Duct Mold Water Cleanup is as close as a phone call. Call 866-666-6534 or 718-677-3100, and if it’s an emergency, call 1-866-NOMOLD4 and activate the 24-hour response team.

Source: NYC Duct Mold Water Cleanup

Press release distributed by PRZen
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