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Press Release

The Ten Prison Commandments: Convict-Turned-Consultant Releases Crash Course to Surviving Life Behind Bars. Hailed a "Masterpiece" by Critics

Crafted from the life and experiences of John “Doc” Fuller, ‘The Ten Prison Commandments: The Ten Rules You Must Know Before You Enter a County Jail, State or Federal Prison’ will help anyone prepare for their first stint in the clink, or deter them from committing the crimes that could land them there. Fuller himself has a compelling and unique life story, quashing his days of hustling drugs, mastering the art of counterfeiting, check cashing and pimping to becoming the most renown prison consultants in the country. Of course, that status didn’t come without serving ten years in Federal prisons, a time when he wished a book this powerful existed…

New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/25/2015 -- While it is sure to spark up many quirky conversations at cocktail parties, John "Doc" Fuller's work as a respected 'Prison Consultant' came with almost two decades of hard-knocks training. From an eight-year stint committing crime on the streets to ten tumultuous years behind bars, Fuller more than knows what it takes to survive Federal time.

In a miraculous life transformation, Fuller has since spent over a decade working with individuals, groups and criminal attorneys (including politicians, athletes and even police officers) to prepare individuals for their first stretch in prison.

In 'The Ten Prison Commandments: The Ten Rules You Must Know Before You Enter a County Jail, State or Federal Prison', Fuller shares his wisdom with those unfortunate enough to need to listen.


If you are on the verge of breaking the law or heading to prison for the first time, the ten unwritten prison rules (commandments) outlined in this book can possibly save your life. Please, abandon the belief that you will can lead a fulfilling life breaking the law. More important, please do not believe that because you are wealthier, smarter, physically stronger or more privileged you can automatically survive in prison. This publication covers a lot of ground, but it will not cover every scenario you may face in prison. Why? Simply put, the environment inside jails and prisons vary according to their security levels. The culture of the inmates who have an influence in these facilities and the staff members who run them will also differ. But once you get a grasp for the basic rules by which prison culture operates, you should be able to adapt these commandments as needed. The rules in this book address the primary causes of violence in the inmate subculture resulting from a process called "Institutionalization."

Institutionalization occurs when one adapts to and depends on the laws or unwritten rules within a structured or well-established system. Life in prison often causes inmates to consciously or unconsciously relinquish their independence and responsibility. If you are not conscious of offending others while adjusting to the often cold, unbending prison routine that deprives you of privacy and freedom, you can easily succumb to violence. This can be avoided if you know some basic principles that apply regardless of the setting or culture.

"I truly understand each and every one of my clients, having had to fend for myself in prison and spending enough time in the system to formulate very definitive rules for survival," explains the author. "I avoided violence during my prison stint, and instead used the time to set up a twelve-week men's mentoring program and also serve as leader of the prison's suicide watch team. I now continue that passion of helping others by preparing future inmates, their families and their legal counsel for what is to come."

Continuing, "The sad truth is that most surrender to prison violence within sixty days of walking through the front door, but it doesn't have to be this way. If you're the parent of a child heading in the wrong direction, if you're an attorney looking to prep your client or if you yourself think you're going to be in an orange jumpsuit before long- this book could literally save your life."

Readers agree, leaving a string of positive reviews. Craig comments, "If you or someone you know is facing prison time, especially for the first time, or is just a knucklehead.....You MUST read this book! John meticulously goes through the do's and don'ts of prison life. Although you hope to never have use this in life, the guidance from this book could prove to be immeasurable"

Ricky M. Hansen adds, "Many people do not know that prisoners can accept books from Amazon. I would highly recommend that your loved ones see this. It just might help save their life someday. Two thumbs up and five stars!!"

'The Ten Prison Commandments: The Ten Rules You Must Know Before You Enter a County Jail, State or Federal Prison' from Prison Coach Speaking LLC, is available now:

For more information on the author's consulting and speaking services, visit:

While the work of Hollywood, audiences around the world can get an inside (and comedic!) look at the work of a prison consultant in Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart's 'Get Hard'.

See the trailer, here:

About John Fuller
JOHN FULLER has played a key role in developing the modern face of the prison consulting industry. Drawing on his own 11 years of experience behind bars, he provides many unique and life-saving services for first-time inmates, who are often terrified at what they are about to face "on the inside." John consults with criminal attorneys who represent celebrities, veterans, politicians, white collar criminals, and other high profile detainees, such as Bernie Madoff and Stuart Levine, whom you have probably read about or seen on TV.

As a public speaker, John brings his dynamic, versatile, and transformational message to universities, high schools, businesses, and nonprofit organizations across the country. John is committed to motivating, encouraging, and challenging people to realize the untapped potential in themselves and others. He is all about long-term results--not long-term sentences!

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