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Press Release

Moller International Skycar Volantor Is Scheduled for Production

Davis, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/05/2015 -- Volantor Models
The Moller International (MLER) Skycar Volantor is a true flying car, similar to those seen in the movie "Back to the Future II" or "Fifth Element". What makes the Skycar different from other so-called flying cars is that it avoids a runway by taking off and landing vertically (VTOL). In addition to its VTOL capability, the Skycar fits in a single car garage, is designed to fly at over 300 miles per hour and can drive on the street to a nearby Vertiport (Heliport) where it will use the automated highway in the sky called HITS, now in development by the US government.

The Volantor models scheduled for initial production are the two passenger Skycar 200 and Neuera 200 for commuter and recreational use and the Firefly for emergency rescue and border patrol. The Skycar 400 and 600 require FAA certification and will not be available for at least 3 years except for military applications. The key to the Skycar, Neuera, and Firefly performance is the Rotapower rotary engine. Our earlier version was smaller and lighter for its power output than any other small engine in the world. However, to achieve the design payload and range more power was needed. Utilizing the rotary engine assets acquired from General Motors (GM), Outboard Engine Company (OMC), and Infinite Engine Company (IEC) along with $45 million in additional development, Moller International was able to achieve over 3hp per lb. of engine weight with its latest design. The resulting 204 horsepower engine is small enough to tuck under one arm and provides the power required to meet both the design payload and range. The Volantor utilizes multiple Rotapower engines to eliminate the consequences of an engine failure.

Rotapower Engines
The performance of the Rotapower engine created worldwide interest for many other applications including hybrid cars, recreational vehicles, and portable power equipment. As a result, Moller International's commercial engine licensee, Freedom Motors, has received letters of intent, conditional orders and firm orders for over 3.5 million engines (approximately $5 billion).

Aerobots (Drones)
Moller International has delivered a wide variety of drone aircraft to various branches of the US government where its Rotapower engine allowed VTOL delivery of significant payloads over substantial distances. Aerobots with this unique ability are expected to become ubiquitous in the near future as the FAA provides guidelines for their widespread use.

Additional sources of information on the Volantors include TED talk:

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Source: UPTICK Newswire

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