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Direct Mail Isn't Dead but It's Certainly Changing

Feb 2, 2015 - (iNewswire)

Direct mail is dead! Oh wait no it isn’t…

They are so wrapped up in the benefits of internet marketing, email marketing and social media that they fail to see that there is still a place for direct mail in this increasingly digital world.

See direct mail as an investment rather than a cost

One of the main reasons for the decline in direct mail is its cost. Whereas many internet marketing methods are free or cheap to use, direct mail comes with a price tag. However this cost needs to be seen as more of an investment, as direct mail has a proven track record of offering a great return.

In fact the latest figures have shown that direct mail is still out performing many other forms of marketing, offering a higher return on investment than radio advertising, cinema advertising and wait for it…online advertising. In a recent survey 57% of people said they actually feel more valued when a brand has sent them direct mail and 92% were driven to online / digital activity as a result of receiving direct mail. The figures don’t lie – direct mail is still very much alive and kicking.

“People think direct mail is dead but it’s simply not true,” says Lorraine Burnell, Managing Direct of Baker Goodchild. “Sure it’s changed and there’s certainly less competition than before but this gives brands greater opportunities to get their messages across and really make an impact with their campaigns.”

The fact that companies like Baker Goodchild are growing from strength to strength is proof enough that direct mail still has a place in the world of business. The mailing house has recently celebrated its twentieth year of delivering mailing expertise to businesses in the UK and overseas.

Brand beginning to reintroduce direct mail back into the marketing mix

Looking at their figures from 2013 and 2014, it is clear to see that brands are beginning to re-introduce direct mail back into their marketing mix. Key performance indicators show that there was a 19% increase in the number of mailings conducted within the year and a 29% increase in the annual volume dispatched.

Not only that but the company has also had a 31% increase in the number of new accounts being opened and has invested £297,000 in prints and mailing machines – an investment that proves direct mail is still in demand and still plays an important role in brand and customer relationships.

Something that the company does stress to its customers is the importance of using direct mail as part of a combined marketing strategy. It is this that they believe generates the most profitable results and highest return on investment.

This is one of the main ways direct mail has changed over the years. In the past it was isolated as a standalone marketing solution, however today it must be seen as a component of a much larger marketing strategy. It has always been great for improving engagement with customers and encouraging them to take action, which is why it has a valuable role to play in both online and mobile marketing strategies.

Adoption of technology in direct marketing

The integration of direct mail with new technologies such as QR codes and PURLs, Augmented Reality, Near Field Communication and USB Web Keys, provides a link between the physical and digital world, allowing brands to drive online conversions and sales.

Though this isn’t the only way direct mail has changed. Today brands are taking a far more personalised and targeted approach to direct mail than ever before. Database-driven information is increasingly used to target customers with personalised offers than incentivise them to respond.

This personalisation coupled with a QR code or NFC connection that takes customers online, almost guarantees that they will take their brand experience further and maybe even make that all-important call to action.

The change to the way direct mail is being designed and utilised has given brands the incentive they need to begin using direct mail again. They now see it as less of a cost and more of an investment. Working with the right mailing company and using direct mail as part of a multi-channel marketing strategy has the potential to create an excellent return on investment for the clever, innovative and forward-thinking companies that are willing to see its value.

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