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Gene. Sys.: TV Writer's Bold New Dystopian Fiction Series 'Restarts' Humanity; Providing Sci-Fi Take on Possible Future Creationism

Volume one of Aaron Denius Garcia’s ‘Gene. Sys.’ Follows Atom, Ev and ten other genetically-engineered teens who were created to restart humanity following a deliberate nuclear apocalypse. But Garcia’s twisted story of a new kind of creationism transcends thoroughbred fiction to leave readers with many uplifting questions; are humans driving their own extinction? How far will humanity go to ensure its own survival? And could humans face the prospect of creating a more evolved version of their own species? All of this and more is explored in a gripping dystopian adventure critics have hailed as the next “Hunger Games or Divergent” and “a gritty look into a world that could easily be Earth's all too real future”.

Hollywood, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/12/2015 -- While nobody will deny that dystopian novels are enjoying a boom in popularity, hardly any existing books tells the complete story from before the dystopia was created. Aaron Denius Garcia (whose television writing credits include TNT's acclaimed 'Leverage') is answering the call with gusto; serving up a wholly-unique dystopian adventure that explores the lengths humanity could take to mold the "perfect" society.

'Gene. Sys.' is volume one in the saga. Readers are urged to throw all expectations out of the window, because this is creationism as it has never been seen before; a cocktail of man-made experiments that literally end the world in an attempt to see how it can be rebuilt.


The world is supposed to end in about a year. For Atom, that means his quest is about to begin. Genetically engineered by the scientists that will be setting off a nuclear apocalypse, Atom and eleven other Genetic Systems were created to restart humanity. When a series of chaotic events expedites the plans for the extermination, Atom must find the courage and strength to lead himself and the other Genesys to survival.

"The story is set in Egypt, four hundred years in the future, and offers a shockingly-grim glimpse into what could come to pass," explains the author, who also now writes for film. "Millions are blind to the fact that humans could be pushing themselves toward extinction, so my narrative heavily questions lengths we could go to in order to ensure our survival."

Continuing, "Will it present us with an opportunity to eradicate the weak and the corrupt, or will we refuse to cleanse out our race and continue as we are? I will leave it up to readers to decide, and future books in the series will depict exactly how our twelve drones piece humanity and its world back together….if they choose to at all."

Since its release, this debut volume has garnered a string of rave reviews. Caroline at 'Book Geek' comments, "I adored this novel and I'm so disappointed it ended and honestly, hand on heart, hope that there is a follow up because I want to see how the Genesys get on after the end of the world…I couldn't put this book down it honestly captivated me and hooked me in a way that I didn't think it would or could!"

Angela at 'Books and Opinions' adds, "A spectacular YA novel, this Dystopian story will have you waiting anxiously for the next book by Aaron Denius Garcia!"

Kym at 'My Book Nook' was also left with a thirst for the next installment. She writes, "I read this in one sitting. And I really enjoyed this book, and it was upsetting when my nook reached the last page and I couldn't turn it anymore. I want a book 2. I want to keep going!

'Gene. Sys.' Is available now:

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About Aaron Denius Garcia
Born in the wonderful state of Virginia, Aaron spent his childhood splitting time between Venezuela and the U.S. Growing up bilingual; he was exposed to two very different cultures. The third world, crime riddle culture of South America and the over-privileged and political culture of Washington D.C. After graduating from Virginia Tech, Aaron moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in storytelling. Constantly putting the pen to the paper, he found a writing home on the TNT show "Leverage". Following a two year stint on the show, Aaron moved on to more personal endeavors in both film and books. After writing and directing the acclaimed "In Sickness and In Health", he flipped the coin over and wrote the children's holiday picture book "Santa's Plight".

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