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Press Release

Kyani Network Marketing Opportunity Webinar for Experienced Network Marketers and Aspiring Home Business Owners

Health Solutions International, LLC is offering a new Kyani network marketing weekly webinar to better educate and inform interested entrepreneurs of the unique Kyäni network marketing international business opportunity.

Health Solutions International, LLC announces a new online webinar exploring the Kyäni network marketing business opportunity and why it is a home business option that should be seriously considered in 2015.

Beginning in December 2014, there will be a weekly Kyani network marketing webinar that both experienced network marketers and aspiring home business owners looking for the latest information and opportunities within the marketplace should consider attending.

Health Solutions International, LLC is sponsoring this weekly webinar series which will cover important topics such as:

Why Kyani is uniquely placed as the leading international nutraceutical company available in over 50 countries and growing each year. 

How the Kyani Health Triangle is a unique and proprietary scientific blend that helps to enhance nutritional intake, reduce inflammation and optimize circulation within the human body.

How an entrepreneur can begin an international business with virtually no overhead and minimal start-up costs.

Understand why Kyani is one of the best network marketing business opportunities in 2015.

How to grow a network marketing business with less than a few hours a week of targeted effort.

Why most network marketers fail and how to never have to pitch or sell to friends and family.

The most important step to begin with is understanding Kyani’s position among other network marketing business opportunities. Founded in 2007, Kyani is a uniquely placed company that has quietly grown without the flash and hype associated with most other network marketing business opportunities. Because of the efficacy of the Kyani products, the majority of Kyani distributors are individuals who have had personal health success results from using the Kyäni Health Triangle (Kyäni Sunrise, Kyäni Sunset, and Kyäni Nitro). The personal health results have created many avid proponents of this company and products making sharing Kyäni a natural part of a duplicable business model. 

Full details on the Kyani products and the Kyani webinar can be found at

When asked about the reasons behind creating this free webinar series, Kyani distributor, Michael Emery said:

“The person searching for a solid product and network marketing business opportunity in 2015 and beyond really needs to know about Kyani because it is such a unique product model, compensation model and international business opportunity. There are plenty of health supplements and vitamin companies out there in the marketplace but none have the unique delivery system and formulation that Kyani has created. People who have used vitamins and supplements their whole lives are usually surprised and actually notice perceivable results and health improvements after just a couple of weeks using the Kyani products. In most cases, people who take vitamins and supplements use them because they have heard or read someplace that supplements theoretically do something beneficial for the human body. With Kyani, the proof is in the trial and most customers are pleasantly surprised with how they feel in just a few days, and they typically enroll as Kyani distributors because they want others to have similar health improvement experiences. Kyani is a unique business that has spread into 50 countries in just 7 years by pure word of mouth. From a marketing perspective, this shows something very unique is happening within Kyani and a significant business opportunity is emerging.”

Health Solutions International, LLC has the full details about the Kyani business and Kyani products to be covered in the webinar. Interested parties can register for the next Kyani webinar at:

For more information about us, please visit

Contact Info:
Name: Michael Emery
Organization: Health Solutions International, LLC
Phone: 503.770.0694

Release ID: 69905

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