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Globetrotters flock to Greenland

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>PRWEB.COM NewswireGreenland (PRWEB) November 25, 2014

A paradise for all kinds of tourists
Most people visiting Greenland do so because they are fascinated by the nature and natural phenomenas such as the northern lights and ice. Others choose Greenland as their destination, because it is their dream to go there or because they find it exotic. Tourists particularly enjoy going sailing with a guide, exploring the cities by themselves and hiking in Greenland.Other popular activities include dog sledding and guided tours of the grand glaciers and ice sheet landscapes. Greenland offers a wide range of possible adventures, all of which are particularly attractive to globetrotters.

Greenland especially attracts globetrotters
Globetrotters ate the most intense kind of tourists, and they account for as much as one-fourth of all of Greenland's visitors. Globetrotters travel all over the world: they are adventurous, they love to experience new things and they constantly try to expand their knowledge about the world. They want to go where no one has gone before, live as locals and experience different types of nature and cultures.

It is no wonder that globetrotters are especially attracted to places like Greenland. Greenland is full of all the things globetrotters love the most: Greenland has both extreme and beautiful nature as well as an extraordinary and remarkable culture. Globetrotters ensure themselves a unique look into the Greenlandic way of life by experiencing everything for themselves, going heli-skiing, kayaking, fishing, hunting and climbing, and even living with the local families. They like to eat traditional Greenlandic food such as reindeer, muskox, seal and whale and they also enjoy helping their host families with daily chores. They experience a very different part of Greenland, which few people make an effort to see. They don't usually study their guidebooks before arrival, instead they ask the locals for advice about what to see, eat and experience. They prefer to discover the land by talking to the natives or exploring alone. Globetrotters won't be satisfied by only visiting Greenland's most famous attractions such as The Big Arctic Five, they have to experience everything for themselves, and go where no man has been before - Hence, a sparsely populated island like Greenland the perfect destination for globetrotters.

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