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Press Release

Olio Nuovo is New Harvest First-Press Olive Oil from Frog Hollow Farm

Olio Nuovo, the “New Oil,” is the freshest organic extra virgin olive oil one can find anywhere and has more health benefits than store-bought varieties. Use it now because Olio Nuovo's first-press nutritional benefits disappear in six to 12 months.

There was a festive harvest party at Frog Hollow Farm the first weekend in November. The staff and friends celebrated this year’s record harvest of olives and the first tastes of Olio Nuovo, the “New Oil.”  The first press is the freshest possible organic extra virgin olive oil one can find anywhere and there was good reason to party.

Reports from the staff say this year’s Olio Nuovo is “truly amazing.” The official description is “smooth and buttery with rustic nutty notes of sesame, perfume accents of green tea and sage, and a pepper finish.” It’s a green oil with bold, grassy flavors and a hint of classic Tuscan spice.

Frog Hollow Farm’s Olio Nuovo is extra virgin and certified organic. They make it from a rich blend of four Tuscan olive varieties that thrive in the farm’s Brentwood terroir – Frantoio, Leccino, Maurino, and Pendolino.

Frog Hollow Farm is moving fast to make sure customers get their hands on the freshest oil of the year. To craft Olio Nuovo each fall, they harvest their olives and quickly press them to preserve their freshness. After hand-picking the olives, they are immediately transported straight to nearby McEvoy Ranch in Petaluma, California, where they are cold-pressed into the precious Olio Nuovo.

It is called Olio Nuovo until the end of December, but the fresh taste and best health benefits can last until March. The special processing of Olio Nuovo gives it a limited shelf life. The oil is best if used within six months.

Olio Nuovo can’t be bought every day. Frog Hollow Farm bottles it only once a year in the first half of November. Of course the timing makes Olio Nuovo just right for the feasts of the holiday season, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, and is perfect for gift giving.

Frog Hollow Farm’s Olio Nuovo is available to order on their website. It is air-freighted to customers at the height of its flavor and nutritional benefits. The farm’s Olio Nuovo is packaged in a classic dark-glass bottle with the signature Frog Hollow Farm label. Quantities available are 375 and 500 ml bottles, single or in cases of 12, and in half-gallon or one-gallon jars.

Olio Nuovo is the healthiest extra virgin olive oil. Because of its freshness it delivers the highest levels of polyphenols and the compound oleocanthal, the chemical substances found in plants that may reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. Oleocanthal is also said to help ward off Alzheimer’s. These special ingredients fade over time and completely disappear in six to 12 months. Store-bought extra-virgin olive oil won’t have the same health benefits. Unlike red wine, olive oil doesn’t get better with age.

Here’s how to enjoy this precious olive oil. Pour Olio Nuovo on salads; the flavor it adds is intense. And, of course, it’s great for dipping. It’s also very nice drizzled over brushetta and roasted vegetables or tossed with pasta. Make a pasta of spaghetti, garlic, sea salt, red pepper, and Olio Nuovo.  In Tuscany, hearty soups, slow-cooked beans, and grilled or roasted meats are topped with copious drizzles of Olio Nuovo. It is the ultimate condiment. Pour generously over everything and use as soon as possible.

About Frog Hollow Farm: Frog Hollow Farm is a 143-acre certified organic farm located in the fertile Sacramento River Delta just east of San Francisco in Brentwood, California. Only steps from their orchards is Frog Hollow’s Farm Kitchen, where owner and chef Becky Courchesne tantalizes the taste buds of the staff with the tempting scents of homemade sweets and savories. Their conserves, turnovers, galettes, cookies, and more are made with Frog Hollow Farm fruits, organic ingredients, and a deep love of good food. All these make for beautiful and tasty Holiday Gift Giving.

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