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Garden Media Releases 2015 Garden Trends Report: "Unearthing the Best Life"

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>PRWEB.COM NewswirePhiladelphia, PA (PRWEB) October 30, 2014

Garden Media Group released its annual garden trends report for 2015. "Unearthing the Best Life" identifies nine consumer trends that will shape the garden and outdoor living industry and resonate in the coming year.

The highly anticipated trends report, published annually since 2001, finds that gardening goes hand-in-hand with a healthy lifestyle. People see both outdoor and indoor spaces as extensions of themselves and are making conscious decisions to use plants and garden products as "tools" to increase their overall well-being and lead a sustainable lifestyle.

"Now, more than ever, the garden is an extension of yourself," says Susan McCoy, trend spotter and president of Garden Media. "What you cultivate and grow, either inside or out, reflects your personality and the healthy lifestyle you have chosen to live."

In 2015, the report says brands are being held to ever higher standards, as customers demand that products are not only reliable but have a positive impact on the planet. Brands that help consumers make positive environmental, personal and community impacts will pull ahead.

"What is better than plants and garden products to help consumers feel guilt-free about their consumption?" asks McCoy.

While consumers strive to preserve the planet, they also are working to change laws, the report notes. As organic and local food remains the basis for a sustainable, healthy lifestyle, people are changing the system to allow for everything from front yard food gardens to goats in cities and suburbs. Even the common clothesline is making a comeback.

According to the report, the idea of "going green" takes on a dual meaning in 2015. As more states decriminalize marijuana, consumers will also invest time in "growing their own".

"First it was 'eat your garden.' Then it was 'drink your garden.' Now, it's 'smoke your garden,'" says McCoy. "Marijuana is going to become a great ornamental plant as people continue to customize their garden and outdoor space to meet their needs."

The report also notes that the face of the new consumer is changing and calls out three distinctive new groups who are gardening: Millennials, Hispanics and young men.

"These consumers have tremendous influence and buying power." McCoy says. "Brands need to be more mobile, versatile and creative as new consumers emerge."

What are some of the components that are fueling this sustainable lifestyle and contributing to eco-friendly gardens and outdoor spaces? Garden Media identified nine new trends driving major industry shifts.

1. The New Consumers: The millennial generation makes up 25 percent of the population in the United States. This group – which is comprised of people ages 18 to 35 – is bigger than the baby boomer generation and continues to grow. In particular, young men are spending $100 more per year on plants and garden products than the average consumer. Hispanics, the fastest growing segment of the U.S., have a cultural tradition of growing food for their family and sharing with friends.

2. Wellbeing: Consumers want to make the world a better place – and they want brands to help them do it. Products that are environmentally friendly and safe for pets and children reign supreme. And blueberry plants, like the BrazelBerries® Collection of edible berries, are good for health and wellness, ranking high on consumers' eco-scale.

3. Garden-tainment: People are estimated to spend $7 billion on outdoor décor in 2015. They will use their outdoor spaces as an extension of their homes to entertain. By using ready-made containers, plants, and products like RESCUE!'s decorative OrnamenTrap® for flies and yellowjackets, consumers can quickly revamp before a party.

4. Bite-Sized Decadence: Small container gardens will pack a lot of punch in 2015. Fill containers with HibisQs® hibiscus from Costa Farms and Million Bells® calibrachoa from Suntory Flowers for the perfect combination of color and class. No-fuss cacti and succulents are also the ideal starter plants.

5. Rebel-hoods: Neighborhood residents are rebelling against and campaigning for the reversal of ordinances. They will work to transform the neighborhood to the agri-hood – complete with urban chickens, bee keepers and lawn-less landscapes.

6. Color Pops: This year, use trending color palettes – ranging from vintage to muted rustic to teal – to show off personality outdoors. Easy-to-grow flower bulbs from Longfield Gardens inspire people to mix and match colors that express their personality.

7. Portable Gardening: The rise of "NOwners"– those who prize freedom over homeownership-- is fueling modular flexibility that allows for unique design and personalization. They are renting, sharing and bartering and want their gardens to travel with them. Adaptable and flexible planters with wheels, handles or other movable parts or lightweight durable products like NativeCast's green concrete planters fit their needs.

8. Bed Head Style: Purposefully un-styled outdoor spaces are the result of intentionally working within the natural landscape. This casual landscape style expresses an effortless personality with an "anything goes" attitude.

9. Smoke Your Garden: With an increasing number of states decriminalizing marijuana, more people will begin growing their own and need seeds, plants and products. Garden Centers can capitalize on new laws by carrying products that help people cultivate these plants.

The complete 2015 Garden Media Trends Report is available for free download now. Read Garden Media's GROW! Blog for weekly trend updates and industry news.

Garden Media Group ignites buzz for clients, offers innovative public relations campaigns and secures top media placements and partnerships. The boutique PR and marketing firm is known as the best in the home, garden, horticulture, outdoor living, and lawn and landscape industries. The annual Garden Trends Report is one of the most published garden studies in trade and consumer news.

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