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Pure Argan Oil Best Product For Frizzy, Dry, And Unmanageable Natural Or Chemically Treated Hair

Natives Moroccan Women have used Argan oil for centuries for its hydrating properties. It is found listed as an ingredient in many lotions and hair treatments on the market, but many women opt to use the oil in its pure form for better results.

One of the best natural hair products for African American hair is argan oil. This miracle oil hails from Morocco and is often calledliquid gold. The oil is extracted from nuts found within the fruit of argantrees.

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Argan oil is high in antioxidants, vitamin E and essentialfatty acids making it an ideal hair conditioner. It is so good that many opt toforgo using regular conditioner after shampooing, and use argan oil instead asa leave in conditioner. While the hair is still wet, use a few drops of the oiland massage it into the scalp. The hydrating and regenerating properties ofargan oil will tame frizz and treat any split ends that are there.

For those who suffer from dry and itchy scalp or dandruff,argan oil will relieve these symptoms and restore the natural balance of oils inthe scalp. The vitamin E and essential fatty acids found in argan oil willsooth irritated skin while giving it the nutrients necessary to regeneratehealthy skin cells. The antioxidant properties of argan oil will combat skininfections that may be the underlying cause of dandruff, causing it to go awayfor good.

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For those who tend to use a lot of heat treatments on theirhair to flatten it out, their hair will quickly become dry and coarse. A hotoil treatment will put some life back into the hair cuticles. Warm up someargan oil in a pan being careful not to heat it up too much. Hot enough to behandled without burning. Coat the hair liberally with warmed argan oil and wrapit tightly in a towel. Allow the oil to sink into the hair overnight beforerinsing it out.

For a beautiful sheen, put some argan oil in a spritz bottleand lightly spritz dry hair. Be sure to comb the oil through the hair, apply itin such a way to avoid over application and a greasy appearance. The final lookwill have a soft finish and a high-gloss sheen. Improve the elasticity of thehair and protect the hair against damage by using this treatment afterstraightening or before styling in braids or buns.

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