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Cannabis Company Offers the Industry's First Line of Pre-Packaged Products in a Ground-Breaking Offer to Colorado's Dispensaries

>PRWEB.COM Newswire
>PRWEB.COM NewswireDenver, Colorado (PRWEB) October 13, 2014

A well-established Colorado cannabis company has taken another step towards standardizing the sales side of the recreational marijuana business -- with an eye on future markets in Colorado and, potentially, elsewhere in the United States.

Kindman, one of the oldest and most respected cannabis growers and distributors in Colorado, has launched a program designed to bring its innovative pre-weighed and pre-packaged Kindman products system into new and existing dispensaries across the state. This program also comes with minimal financial risk for those facilities.

The company is offering participating recreational dispensaries a ready-to-go starter pack of pre-weighed and pre-packaged products, attractively displayed and ready for sale, with a 30-day, no money down, buy-back guarantee.

"Stores can immediately be stocked with product, without any initial outlay, and see immediate results," said Ryan Fox, Kindman's president and CEO.

The pre-packaged Kindman products are already sold in a variety of recreational marijuana dispensaries in Colorado. Fox notes the starter pack comes with a list of suggested retail prices for each item – which he says if followed will bring in a solid margin of profit on each sale rung up.

"Having a profitable model for these new recreational dispensaries is a huge benefit when they're just starting off," Fox said. "And for most existing cannabis shops, this will substantially increase the amount of product they're already selling."

With an industry as new and ground-breaking as legal marijuana, pre-packaged lines of cannabis like Kindman's can help ease consumer anxieties about the products they purchase; by offering a brand they can easily identify and trust when it comes to quality, consistency and potency.

Dispensaries also benefit from the product's ease of distribution and accounting, while complying with Colorado's current state regulations for cannabis sales.

For his part, Fox believes this new product offer will help normalize packaging, marketing and sales within Colorado's industry, "or elsewhere, if and when interstate commerce is allowed."


Established in 2009, Kindman provides customers with an unmatched cannabis product – grown in Colorado state-regulated facilities at indoor locations, using a customized process that combines food-grade nutrients, and a unique soil mix that brings out the plant's best features. Close attention is paid to product cleanliness, quality, curing and processing.

Since the January 1, 2014 start of legalized sales of recreational cannabis to adults in Colorado, Kindman has provided high-quality marijuana flowers to tens of thousands of customers from over 100 countries.

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