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BIME Introduces V6: The Business Intelligence Platform the Cloud Deserves

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BIME Analytics, the company that defined pure cloud business intelligence (BI), today announced the release of BIME V6, a service that - through its redesigned UI - broadens the scope of what a user can create and discover through a cloud BI platform.

Quote from the CEO and co-founder, Rachel Delacour:
"No other BI service is as flexible and powerful, as beautiful and enjoyable and as affordable as BIME. In the mobile first, cloud first world, maximizing the ease of use is the name of the game for any business intelligence application. Version 6 is setting a new industry standard for business intelligence UI."

Quote from the CTO and co-founder, Nicolas Raspal:
"As with everything we do, there are a lot of engineering wonders behind the curtain of V6. We only target 'Evergreen' browser that update automatically. This way, users will benefit for all improvements in JavaScript virtual machines, DOM rendering and HTML5 API most instantly."

With the launch V6, BIME provides cloud BI with no strings attached, empowering every user to get answers to their business questions on any device, from any data source, at the speed of thought, and freeing enterprises from the need to invest in new hardware or client-side installations. The company also introduced a streamlined pricing structure that ensures companies will see immediate returns as they scale up their use of the most advanced cloud BI service on the market.

The CTO's take:
"The core of our V6 - one of the most complex JavaScript applications ever built - ensures that BIME users will always be on the edge of what is possible to run in a browser," said CTO and co-founder Nicolas Raspal. "BIME V6 is fast, fluid, engaging, and powerful to answer questions as they pop up during a business day, on any device. It's not about consuming dashboards on a mobile, but about doing sophisticated BI wherever you are, particularly on a tablet. If you know how to build a presentation, you can use the entire web as your data warehouse, create compelling visualizations and share insights."

BIME V6 runs entirely in the cloud so enterprises avoid spending tens of thousands of dollars on servers to upload and refine their data. Its new UI combines the visual simplicity and elegance of the best consumer apps with powerful features to connect to all major data sources, on-premise or online - from traditional relational databases and spreadsheets to Twitter, Facebook, Google, Salesforce1, YouTube and Zendesk or even big data sources like Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure and SAP HANA.

New design features minimize the number of clicks to arrive at an answer:
● It makes building a pivot table and dashboards as easy as working with productivity suites like Microsoft Office or Google Docs.
● It automatically selects the ideal chart to fit a data source and offers reversed attribute selection instead of traditional drag and drop.
● It only runs valid queries and uses a library of queries that represent the best in modern data visualization.

Creating and designing a dashboard that conveys the key insights has never been easier:
● Everything is a widget, which means users can move each design element with its live data around and position it like text on a slide.
● Contextual menus guarantee the optimal customization to tell compelling stories with data.
● Multi-tenant architecture provides for easy collaboration since each object, query and dashboard is synced in the cloud, while preventing editing errors through multi-user notifications.
● Optimized for touch devices, giving users the same experience no matter how large or small a display is.

The CEO's take:
"This version of BIME gives business intelligence a new level of flexibility, usability and desirability," said CEO and co-founder Rachel Delacour. "Every pixel is there for a reason: to empower users to focus on asking questions, see patterns in their data and publish insights. BIME V6 lays the foundation of a data-centric social network."

BIME also stands out through a seamless, infinitely scalable way to include more structured and unstructured data sets as users ask more complex questions. It can serve as a "live reader" to mix and match data sources in real-time, or can query datasets cached in one of three different data warehouses in the cloud, up to terabytes of data or billions of rows.

New pricing to save companies money from the start:
After analyzing how its enterprise customers are using cloud BI, BIME also announced a new, two-tier pricing structure that will save the average user $100 a month. The new "base plan" at $490 covers the needs of most organizations or departments to get started and reap immediate returns with more than 35 connectors. The "big data" plan at $690 includes connectors to popular, large data repositories (Big Query, Redshift, Vertica, and Vectorwise).

BIME V6's pure cloud application allows users to deliver fast, easy and powerful BI from their data stored in Google BigQuery with simply a browser or mobile device. To test it right away, Google is offering new BIME V6 users a $500 credit to access application, compute, storage and big data services on Google Cloud Platform.

For a comprehensive look at the new features, visit the release notes:

About BIME Analytics:

Founded in 2009, BIME powers the first pure cloud BI service for the age of Big Data. With dual headquarters in Montpellier, a hotbed of academic R&D in the South of France, and Kansas City, MO, a fast growing high-tech community in the Midwest, BIME delivers simple-to-use yet powerful data analysis, visualization and dashboarding as a fast, easy to set up and low-cost service that lets companies and teams of any size mine their business. BIME is available in four languages, including Chinese, and has customers across the globe. It was the first vendor to offer front-end BI capabilities for Google BigQuery and has received numerous cloud innovation awards.

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