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SheKnows Media Hosts Fem-vertising Panel at Advertising Week XI

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>PRWEB.COM NewswireNew York, NY (PRWEB) October 02, 2014

SheKnows Media, a leading women's lifestyle media platform with 43 million unique visitors per month (comScore, Multiplatform 2014), announced that it will host a panel titled "Fem-vertising: Women Demand More From Brands As Their Piece of the Purchasing Pie Grows" at Advertising Week XI on October 2, from 9-9:50 a.m. at The Liberty Theater.

Samantha Skey, SheKnows Media's Chief Marketing Officer, will moderate today's panel, which explores how brands are increasingly building gender-equality messages and images into ads that target women. Skey will be joined by the following prestigious group of panelists:

  • Lauren Greenfield, Director of the #LikeAGirl ad for Always
  • Kathy O'Brien, Vice President of Marketing Services and Skin for Unilever and instrumental in developing self-esteem programming for girls as part of Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty
  • Jessica Bennett, Journalist and Contributing Editor at, and Pamela Grossman, Director of Visual Trends at Getty Images, who together spearheaded Getty Images' new Lean In Collection
  • Katie Ford, President of Starcom MediaVest
"It is SheKnows Media's mission to truly understand women – whether that is by providing inspiring, amusing or informative content they want to share, or through propriety research that enables the brands who advertise with us to better connect with this increasingly important consumer group," Skey said. "Women currently comprise a $14 trillion market and their purchasing power is expected to grow significantly over the coming years. As advertiser focus has swung profoundly towards women, so too has the subject matter reflected in ads." SheKnows Launches Hatch SheKnows Media conducted a Fem-vertising survey in late September 2014 to support themes that will be discussed in its Advertising Week XI panel. Of the 600-plus women who responded to the survey, 91% believe how women are portrayed in advertising has a direct impact on girls' self-esteem. This telling statistic validates SheKnows Media's launch of its new Hatch program at Advertising Week XI. Hatch, which began as an idea in early Spring, led to an insightful two-week digital storytelling and media literacy workshop for teen and tween girls in August 2014. Described as "content for grown-ups, made by kids on a mission," the program is multi-faceted, comprising both educational components for kids and parents, as well as advertising offerings for brands. Ultimately, Hatch empowers kids ages 7-16 to use media and technology to produce content that is responsible and expresses their unique points of view in productive and positive ways. "Generation STEM has grown up as digital natives and have never known life without the Internet and mobile devices," Skey said. "Hatch was launched to give parents the resources to facilitate discussions on topical issues such as Internet safety and social media's impact on self-esteem. What's unique about Hatch is that we're also educating kids on consuming media and they bring that critical lens to the content they create. We are very excited to officially launch this program during our Fem-vertising panel at Advertising Week XI." SheKnows Femvertising Survey Results Other insightful findings from SheKnows Media's new Femvertising survey include:
  • 51% of women like pro-female ads because they believe they break down gender-equality barriers.
  • 81% said ads that positively portray women are important for younger generations to see.
  • 71% of respondents think brands should be responsible for using advertising to promote positive messages to women and girls.
  • 62% think any brand can enter the pro-female advertising space.
  • 94% believe portraying women as sex symbols in advertisements is harmful.
  • Just over half of those who responded said they have bought a product because they liked how the brand and their advertising portrays women.
  • 46% have followed a brand in social media because they like what the company stands for.

Commenting on results from a new SheKnows survey that polled women on how they felt about the way females are portrayed in advertising, Skey added, "What I find most interesting and heartening is that the pro-female advertising movement does not go unnoticed by consumers – even the youngest among us. I look forward to discussing our survey results and how brands are considering new, improved angles to engage women with such an amazing group of panelists at Advertising Week XI."

For more information about SheKnows Media's panel at Advertising Week XI or the Fem-vertising survey, please email marketing(at)sheknows(dot)com. To learn more about Hatch, visit or email Hatch(at)sheknows(dot)com.

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SheKnows Media is an award-winning women's lifestyle media platform and family of top lifestyle sites representing a network of more than 43 million unique visitors per month (comScore, Multiplatform 2014). The SheKnows Media sites range from entertainment and parenting to beauty and food. Our mission is to connect women's interests in real-time and in real voices, celebrating the everyday "experts among us." We enable brands to distribute authentic content and integrated advertising at scale to influence preferences and drive purchases. SheKnows is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, with offices in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. The company also operates internationally, with sites in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.


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