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Press Release

Investor Highlights for Acology Inc & It's Marijuana Industry Focused Medtainer Product

Acology, Inc. (ACOL) Brings Novel Medtainer Product to the Investing Community

New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/25/2014 -- ACOLOGY, INC. SYMBOL: ACOL


Acology, Inc.® markets and sells the Medtainer. This container is the first-ever polypropylene air- tight, water-tight, smell-proof delivery and storage container with a built-in grinder. It is manufactured from medical-grade No. 5 polypropylene resin, which is non-porous and non-leaching. These containers are portable and affordable. These containers give consumers the ability to easily store, carry and grind herbs and herbal remedies, medicines, teas, and other solids or liquids without cross-contamination or leakage.


Curtis Fairbrother

Douglas Heldoorn


1. Patented product with Medtainer storage container & grinder

2. Company’s unique product is unlike anything else in the market

3. The marijuana industry is slated to grow by hundreds of billions over next 5 years

4. The Medtainer product is composed of FDA approved medical grade plastics and is environmentally safe.

5. Ground floor opportunity for a product that has just gained a foothold in the public markets having been completely private up until this point.

6. The product can be found in more than 100 stores across the US


American’s have a more accepting nature today than they did during the late ‘60s. For the first time, a clear majority of Americans (58%) say the drug should be legalized. The Obama administration has also been flexible on the matter. Despite maintaining the government’s firm opposition to legalizing marijuana under federal law, in late August Deputy Attorney General James Cole announced the Justice Department would not challenge the legality of Colorado’s and Washington’s successful referendums, provided that those states maintain strict rules regarding the drug’s sale and distribution.

Now that states are going by way of legalization for recreational use, an entirely new pool of customers can be tapped and the massive growth potential for businesses to cut out their piece of the pie becomes that more prevalent. As the saying goes it wasn’t the gold miners who were striking it rich during the gold rush but rather the ones selling picks, shovels, and jeans who profited the most. In this industry that’s somewhat saturated with grow facilities and hydroponic farms, companies are finding that there is a lot more opportunity to capitalize on this boom by offering traditional products that have had a slight twist in order to relate to the industry.

The company’s products can be found in more than 100 stores across the US and even in Guam. Moreover, Medtainer has been featured in major cannabis publications including 1000Watts, HotBox Magazine, Cannabis Now, Green Leaf, Hot Breath, Cannabis Culture Magazine, Skunk, Nuggetry Magazine, and even the Weed Street Journal. In addition to this, celebrities like Asher Roth and B-Real from Cypress Hill have been seen using the Medtainer product.



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