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Press Release Launches Internet Privacy Platform that Gives Internet Users Control Over Their Data

>PRWEB.COM Newswire
>PRWEB.COM NewswireLos Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 19, 2014

Internet users concerned with privacy, cyber crime, and unauthorized data collection can now take control of their personal information with, which launched today. is a secure hub of online privacy tools that keeps an individual's personal data private through a patent-pending process that encrypts and fragments users' data, and then distributes it to a geographically dispersed system of servers. This system prevents user data from being accessed by third party marketers or any unauthorized data collectors. gives individuals authority over their personal data, putting them in the privileged position of controlling when, how, and by whom their information can be accessed. A simple dashboard lets individuals set and change their access permissions. The solution ensures that no single entity can access a user's personal information without the user's explicit consent.

" is a first-of-its-kind platform that captures search data and ensures that it is never available to any other person or company, unless the user gives authorization," said Dr. Stan Stahl, Chief Information Security Officer for "The site is designed to put control over who can access data, and how they can use it, into the hands of individual consumers, who are the people who care most about safe and responsible handling of their information."

Stahl, a cyber-security expert whose thirty-five years' experience includes securing White House teleconferencing and nuclear missile communication networks, works with a prestigious team of experts, which is addressing the most pernicious privacy infringements plaguing Internet users today.

Individuals can access's flagship privacy solution, a free Internet search service, through a search bar on the company's homepage. The search experience on is unique among existing search anonymizers, because a user can save and access their search history, keeping the information they want for their personal use.

"Internet users will be able to delete their search history, or retain it for convenience, in case they want to repeat the search," said Stahl. "By default, the search always remains private, and the user's search data will not be captured, kept, or sold without the user's permission, ever." In the future, will partner with companies that want to use the technology to minimize their data-handling liabilities, and provide added privacy control options to their customers.

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About is a data privacy and security company that allows Internet users to control access to their personal data through its free online search site. The technology is a first of its kind, as it offers a robust Internet search functionality and gives users the ability to save and revisit their search histories--all with complete privacy. The company uses a patent-pending process to encrypt, fragment, and distribute user data to secure servers governed by nonprofit organizations. launched in August 2014, in Los Angeles, California, and is owned by parent company Standard Clouds, Inc. which developed the technology platform. For more information, visit

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