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Press Release

Goodbye Monsters: U.S. Airman Launches New Book & Plush Toy to Help Children Overcome Fear of Bedtime, While Supporting Fellow Troops

Masterfully crafted by Msgt. Benjamin Hemme, ‘Goodbye Monsters’ arose from the author’s acute awareness of the problems his fellow Airmans’ children were having sleeping while mom or dad were deployed. Through what is now a growing and wholly-unique brand, ‘Goodbye Monsters’ is serving the dual-purpose of ensuring children can sleep without fear, and U.S. Service Men and Women can focus on their deployments in the knowledge that all is well at home.

Blackwood, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/18/2014 -- While deployed, U.S. Service Men and Women have plenty of time to dwell on the state of those they had to leave at home. Msgt. Benjamin Hemme noticed a pattern in he and his colleagues’ discussions about kids’ bedtimes – monsters were living under the bed, the dark was so scary that it is impossible to fall asleep and getting to bed in the first place was an ordeal of its own. Trained in the art of problem-solving, Msgt. Hemme set to work launching what has become a global brand with a razor-sharp focus – helping children in both military and civilian families overcome their bedtime fears.

‘Goodbye Monsters’ currently consists of a powerful children’s picture book and lovable plush toy. Both work in unison to get children happily in bed and sleeping through the night without fear.

Book synopsis
Goodbye Monsters is the story of a little boy named Ben who is terrified of monsters. One day Ben is introduced to a magical creature named Zimbobo who has supernatural powers that keep all of the bad monsters away. All you have to do is place Zimbobo in the scariest place and you will wake up safe and sound with a smile on your face!

“People naturally focus on the conditions of those who are deployed, but the normalcy of those left at home is often ignored. The issue of children having sleepless nights began to hit home with me; I came to realize that it was an issue not only impacting our military, but children and caregivers everywhere,” explains Msgt. Hemme. “Through the Goodbye Monsters brand, we’ve developed a way for children to get the sleep they need. It can literally be life-changing for the kids and those looking after them.”

Continuing, “Zimbobo is an extremely powerful character, and we’re now passionate about getting him into homes around the world. This is directly supporting the efforts of our Armed Forces, as those deployed can fight more effectively and get their own restful nights when they have one less thing to worry about when it comes to those on home soil.”

Looking into the future, Msgt. Hemme is keen to team up with organizations interested in helping to make Goodbye Monsters available to our men and women in uniform with small children.

“We’re actively seeking out corporate sponsors to assist us in using the brand as a vehicle for providing families with donations that directly support their welfare. This is an opportunity for any business to do good within the community, and all interested parties are urged to contact me right away,” he adds.

‘Goodbye Monsters’ is available now. ISBN 978-0-615-99704-9.

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About Goodbye Monsters
Goodbye Monsters was created to assist parents with getting some well-deserved sleep, while taking away the anxiety that often comes with children's bedtime. With very few products on the market to help children with their fear of monsters the goal of Goodbye Monsters is to fill this void with a fun story and brightly colored creature named Zimbobo that will make your little ones feel safe. We believe that Goodbye Monsters is Good for Kids...Good for You...Goodbye Monsters!

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