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LOS ANGELES, Aug. 13, 2014--(PR Newswire)--

California State of Emergency Spurs Fire Defense Upgrades Inquiries

As wildfires rage statewide, Fire Protection Group, Inc. continues to be a leading resource for concerned property managers and owners

PR Newswire

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- On August 2nd, Governor Jerry Brown announced that California is officially in a state of emergency due to the danger posed by more than a dozen wildfires. At the same time, Fire Protection Group, Inc. has seen an increase in interest in fire safety upgrades.  It's easy to see why. In the first week of the month, approximately 120,000 acres were burning at once throughout California, due in large part to intense drought and above-normal temperatures.

In fact, since July 1st, Slate reports that the entire state has been warmer than average – and there has been a correlation between the areas with the most unusually high heat and the largest fires. In many places, residents have been forced to evacuate, homes have been burned down, and local infrastructure has been irreparably damaged. Fire authorities and climatologists have been warning us of the potential danger since the current drought began to intensify substantially this past winter. In late July, conditions across the state worsened to unprecedented levels, with more than 58.4% of California currently in the midst of "exceptional drought" – the most severe category listed.

"The fire conditions are extreme and when you add dry lightning, it's a recipe for disaster," says Dennis Mathiesen, spokesperson for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.  The increased risk has understandably led owners and managers of both business and residential structures in Southern California and elsewhere to look into improvements in their fire defenses. This has definitively been the experience of respected safety specialists George Saadian and Bob Holloway of Fire Protection Group, Inc.

Mr. Saadian has been working in the field of fire prevention for over three decades and, in that time; he's become known as a primary resource for anyone wishing to improve the fire safety of a structure among his peers and clients of FPG, Inc. alike. In fact, he's even been involved in the creation of a number of necessary revisions and additions in the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standard. The consensus among FPG, Inc. clients is that property owners can rest assured that Mr. Saadian has an extremely firm understanding of how to best protect their investments and those under their care. Their piece of mind is bolstered by the fact that Mr. Saadian has surrounded himself with similarly skilled experts with a proven record in fire protection, including retired LAFD Captain Holloway and former Chief Al Hernandez.

Though California is in the grips of unprecedented fire threats, property owners can keep their homes, private buildings and other structures protected by undertaking fire defense measures from experienced professionals. Throughout Southern California, the team at FPG, Inc. has provided fire services that include design and installation of alarms, sprinklers and other equipment, as well as fire watch, monitoring, consulting and even NFPA25 testing. For further information about the life-saving work at Fire Protection Group, Inc., please call 888-251-3488 or visit

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