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Why Should Companies Outsource?

Outsourcing is a process that an organization delegates a few responsibilities to external agencies or third parties to get efficient services and leverage the benefits of improved quality and low labor cost.

Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/07/2014 -- Whether to outsource or not is a highly debated topic with various pros and cons since it has a direct impact on a company’s bottom line. A company chooses to outsource so that it can continue focusing on its core business processes while delegating the mundane and time consuming processes to external agencies that can not only do them well, but provide high quality services and products at a lower cost, compared to hiring full-time employee.

Todd Paton has a booming business of digital marketing in Miami. He helps his customers and their businesses to get noticed on the Web. One of the tools that he uses is generating online press releases. This helps to build brand awareness and create links that will send traffic to the client’s website. But Todd, the owner of Paton Internet Marketing, confesses that writing the releases is not his forte so rather than spending time on it, he hires others to write and publish these releases. Todd Paton feels that by outsourcing the task, he can free up his internal resources and can be put in to effective use for other purposes.

Once a business outsources its tasks like HR, marketing, its owners have more options for generating income. For some small firms, outsourcing has allowed them to grow exponentially and increase their productivity. An important step in outsourcing is to figure out what is actually good for business. Paton states that people often spend more time on something they could have got done by an expert for a lot less than their time is worth.

How much should they pay for the labor depends on the type of work they are buying, the level of skill, and the location of the provider. For example, Paton tries to find US based freelancers on eLance and pays them about $30 for a press release rather than spending half a day working on the task. Hence he suggests that hiring it out is worth the expense.

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Todd Paton is one of the most distinguished experts in the field of Digital Media and SEO in Florida. His company Paton Marketing based in Miami is well known for designing and building websites, providing search engine optimization strategies, creating noteworthy content, and developing social media marketing campaigns. Paton Marketing is the most reliable and results oriented company in its industry.

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