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Business Phone System Provider ITS of Las Vegas Uses Tech to Reduce Costs

Small businesses to larger enterprises can benefit from a professionally installed business phone system from Intelligent Technical Solutions of Las Vegas. On average, the savings vs traditional phone systems is about 40% cheaper with excellent quality and reliability.

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July 31, 2014

Las Vegas, USA – /PressCable/ — Every small business has to tackle the arduous task if buying phones. Some purchase cell phones for everyone, but most provide full phone systems which in many cases sit on everyone’s desks. The problem with most of these systems, is that they are expensive. ITS president Tom Andrulis noticed this trend with his IT Services customers and decided to do something about it. Andrulis stated, “Customers were spending upwards of $60 or $70 per phone and with some of the exciting technology out there we could cut this number in half while still providing excellent call quality.”
How does he do it? ITS uses an exciting technology called Hybrid VoIP. In a nutshell, it seeks to merge the best parts of a traditional phone system (excellent call quality) with the best part of VoIP phone systems – (cost savings). Hybrid VoIP has some of the system components onsite and some are hosted by the provider. The parts of the system that are at the client location are there to improve uptime, the components that are hosted by the provider are done so to reduce costs. The Hybrid refers to the blending of the old PBX systems with the newer VoIP systems. According to Andrulis, “This is the most cost effective way to build a business phone system today if call quality matters.”

Getting to the point where ITS was able to handle enterprise level phone systems was not an easy road. It required getting arrangements with data providers, phone system providers and still making sure it all worked with the current networking structure. The last part was easy for ITS as they have been doing contract network support for over a decade, but the other parts took risk. According to Andrulis, “Getting a system working so that we could save our clients the kind of money we are talking about cost us well into the 6 figure range. These partnerships are not cheap, but they are essential if the goal is high quality and low cost.”
Some of the ways ITS is different from their competitors – First off, unlike many VoIP carriers with 99.9% uptime guarantees, ITS has been able to get this to 99.9999% uptime guarantees. This ensures there are not consistent hiccups with the phone systems. ITS is also able to split lines across locations. For example, if a business has 3 offices with 3 lines each, but the third line is mainly there to ensure customers don’t get busy signals, ITS can cut the number of phone lines from 9 to 7 and have just one “floating” line to protect all 3 locations. This alone can cut phone bills 20% percent for organizations with a lot of wasted capacity. To keep the uptime at such a high percentage, there is analog line backup and multiple points of redundancy.

Business phone customers know how expensive telecom can be and building a tech company from just himself to over 20 employees, allowed Andrulis to understand the importance of a business phone system that scales with the business. According to Andrulis, “Our goal is to give an amazing value with great quality in any business phone system we set up. The businesses we serve are our neighbors, we are not one of the massive phone companies who need to make $40 profit per line to support a massive infrastructure. We hire qualified staff and make sure we connect the dots so that our clients will give raving reviews to their friends. Las Vegas is too small of a city do business any other way.”
ITS’ business phone services would include – Dynamically pool lines, 100% reliability and uptime, service improvement, local technicians, productivity improvement, and scale up or down easily. Using Hybrid VoIP technology and data packages together, a business phone system of the past becomes too expensive and too rigid for the fast moving and quickly changing businesses of today.

To get a hold of Intelligent Technical Solutions to learn more about Hybrid VoIP, individuals can call their office at (702) 869-3636 or visit their website at ITS is located at 3330 W. Desert Inn Road Las Vegas, NV 89102

Contact Info:
Name: Lesa Carter
Organization: Intelligent Technical Solutions
Phone: (702) 869-3636
Address: 3330 W. Desert Inn Road Las Vegas, NV 89102

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