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Press Release

Becoming Real: 2nd Edition of Celebrated Book for Midlife Introduces the Four Body System; Promoting Trend-Bucking Vitality, Health & Regeneration

Written by Stanford trained, Woman of the Year, Top Doctor and Integrative Medicine pioneer, Dr. Rose Kumar, ‘Becoming Real: Reclaiming Your Health in Midlife’, presents a compelling framework that any woman or man can use to restore health and regeneration to their body, mind and spirit at time in life traditionally associated with degeneration. Dr. Kumar’s Four Body System™ framework of diagnosis and treatment has proven its ability to actually cure diseases by uncovering their causes. Contrary to traditional health care’s approach of symptom management, this approach that has the power to change the face of healthcare is now available in the 253 pages of Becoming Real.

Pewaukee, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2014 -- Midlife is a complex gateway for all; associated both medically and societally with degeneration. However, Board-Certified Internist and midlife woman herself, Dr. Rose Kumar has shown that within this transition lies the powerful and potent opportunity to reclaim the health and vitality of one’s body, mind and spirit.

Having shifted the paradigm of healthcare while creating organic and sustainability conscious consumers in South eastern Wisconsin with her “Food as Medicine” approach, Dr. Kumar has healed thousands of patients in her medical practice at The Ommani Center for Integrative Medicine. She now presents this approach for reclaiming health through her powerful book – ‘Becoming Real: Reclaiming Your Health in Midlife’.

The book, now in its second edition, provides a powerful solution to the nation’s healthcare crisis; urging all to take charge of their health and question the normalization of illness and degeneration that the medical and cultural systems promote. By following Dr. Kumar’s Four Body System™ of viewing the body from a larger context of body/mind/emotion/energy, any woman or man can enjoy health and vitality at any age, contrary to the expectations of the medical system.


A MUST READ for every midlife woman and man! This is a supportive and empowering book regarding health with guidance for safe use of natural hormones. This book is also the answer to the questions midlife women and men ask their physicians to better understand their process and the physiological changes that often leave them feeling alone, confused and frightened. It is a comprehensive guide to navigating the midlife gateway that is meant to be a catalyst for transformation. It provides a healthy framework for aging gracefully, safely and authentically with the help of simple and natural methods that have been proven to restore health. It uses an integrative medical approach for the safe use of bio-identical hormones, never before published, along with the power that insight, lifestyle choices and food can make to provide the “medicine” needed for restoring health. This book introduces Dr. Kumar’s pioneering, Four-Body System™ approach to medicine; defines what it means to BECOME REAL; reframes our current definitions of Love, Power, the Feminine and Health Care to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving world. It addresses the need for people to reconnect with their authenticity and wisdom as a solution to their healing.

“A third of the world's population is currently in midlife. If they can learn how to harness their power and reframe their perspective of health and aging and live from a place that is authentic and real, they have the capacity to change our world as we know it. Midlife patients are marginalized and pathologized by the medical system, with emphasis on degeneration and sickness, which breeds hopelessness. ‘Becoming Real’ is a solution to the fear people feel as they age and can restore hope and engage them to actively participate in promoting health and regeneration at all levels.”

Continuing, “This approach has already worked for thousands of patients in my practice, who now enjoy boundless health and vitality. The Four Body System™ can save billions of dollars in health care costs and radically improve the quality of life for over one hundred million Americans. It’s all outlined in my book; so secure a copy now.”

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About Dr. Rose Kumar M.D.:
Kalpana (Rose) M. Kumar, M.D. is board-certified in Internal Medicine. She graduated from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and completed her internship and residency in Internal Medicine at the University of California San Francisco and Stanford University Medical Center. She was voted Top Doctor in Internal Medicine and twice in Integrative Medicine and was also awarded Woman of the Year.

In 2001, Kumar founded The Ommani Center for Integrative Medicine (, a successful prototype for high standard-of-care Integrative Medicine. She received The Corporate Achievement Award for creating The Ommani Center.

The Ommani Center for Integrative Medicine is one of the only generative and sustainable business models in health care today.

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