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Hollywood Making a Fatal Mistake by Ignoring Baby Boomer Generation

Baby Boomers who have a 4 to 1 advantage with regards to disposable income are being ignored by large Hollywood film Distributors.


LOS ANGELES, USA - July 22, 2014 /MarketersMedia/ --

Los Angeles California. Clarity Resources Inc./Giant Rock Universal. Maverick Film Executive Producer says he can do better in serving the 80 million movie hungry baby boomers.

Chad C. Meek, President of the Clarity/Giant Rock Universal group who is producing Giant Rock The Movie says the Baby Boomer generation is not being served by Hollywood. His goal is not only to get quality content to the Boomer’s but to eventually help other film makers get their more mature content marketed and distributed through the Clarity/Giant Rock Universal companies.

In a recent interview with Kirk Spencer on the K WAVE 6 Radio, Meek made his case of why Hollywood is making a fatal mistake in not creating more content for the boomer generation- who go to the movie at least one time a month.

Meek said in the half hour long interview “Animation is great, Cartoons are great but how many Iron Man and Spider Man’s can one take?” He further stated that the UFO Science Fiction subject matter is of great interest to foreign film movie goers as well because of their overwhelming belief that extraterrestrials have always visited planet earth.

Meek and The Clarity/Giant Rock group has found a marketing and distributing niche on a smaller scale quite by accident. While promoting Giant Rock The Movie Meek and his associates have been building a network of UFO and Paranormal Radio enthusiasts and bloggers. As an example, Meek was a guest on the Kevin Smith UFO show which is reported to reach over 9 million listeners.

Meek mentioned in his interview with K WAVE 6 Radio show host Kirk Spencer if you really want to know how the boomer generation really feels listen to the satirical rant by Onions head Movie Critic Peter K. Rosenthal’s review of the Planet of the Apes. He went on to say that the frustration is not just with the boomers but the Xers and the Millennial’s are beginning to have similar gripes about animated content aimed at younger audiences.

Giant Rock The Movie, is an EPIC UFO THRILLER about a group of people who were able to make contact with extraterrestrials beginning in 1950’s. The loosely formed UFO group was lead by George Van Tassel one of the early leaders of the UFO contactee movement who held an annual UFO Space Convention at a place called Giant Rock that is located in California’s Mohave Desert.

Meek commented in the Interview that “Giant Rock The Movie will have something for everybody; we have a wise old woman, frightened kids, space ships, accompanied by visual and special effects that don’t overwhelm the plot line”. “Our long term goal is to develop and distribute films that audiences will actually remember three hours after they have left the movie theater”.

Giant Rock The Movie “The Greatest UFO Story Never Told” Based on True Events.

Giant Rock Universal/ K WAVE 6 Radio.

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Phone: 816 273-4031
Organization: Clarity Resources, Inc./Giant Rock Universal

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