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Press Release

Online Party of Canada: Appeal to Non-Voters

Canada NewsWire

TORONTO, Jan. 25 /CNW/ - A recent survey published by Elections Canada entitled, "Explaining the Turnout Decline in Canadian Federal Elections" analyzed the reasons given by non-voters in the 2000 Federal election for not going to the polls. Those reasons included a lack of interest in the election, negative attitudes toward politics, and personal/administrative factors. Young non-voters were more likely to cite a lack of interest and personal/administrative reasons for not voting.

(Quoting the survey) Important attitudinal and behavioural factors included: feelings of inefficacy; a lack of political interest; and a poor perception of the overall effectiveness of the vote. People were less likely to cast a ballot if they felt they had no influence over government actions, did not feel that voting was an essential civic act, or did not feel that their votes would ultimately influence outcomes. The report goes on to predict that there would be a "small increase" in the turnout with the introduction of internet voting and registration, and that "new technologies can help".

Online Party of Canada (OPC) was created with the intent to introduce such technologies into the political process and remove many of the reasons cited above that Canadians withdraw from political action. OPC will dedicate all its resources in order to attract non-voters to take advantage of this historical opportunity: with OPC you can influence government actions, have your vote counted and taken into consideration, and participate in the political process directly, using the latest Internet technology!

Mr. Michael Nicula, founder of OPC, in a direct appeal to non-voters (particularly young people who are typically absent from the political process), stated: "This is about your future and the biggest expense you will ever incur: taxes. We made it simple for you. Get online, inform yourself, express your opinion and vote. Then, change your vote at anytime if you change your mind. Our promise is encompassed by our Governing Principles such as Competence and Accountability. If OPC doesn't get you excited about politics, nothing will!"

Learn more about OPC by attending an Online Meeting or a future Press Conference - see website for details (

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