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Press Release

Grace USA and Nicolai USA Will Be Showing New Technologies at Interbike 2014

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>PRWEB.COM NewswireLas Vegas, NV (PRWEB) July 17, 2014

Nicolai Bikes USA and Grace Electric Bikes USA distribution companies are bringing together industry professionals to show off the best in bicycle technology and development. The two brands are widely known and referred to in Europe as the "best of the best" by leading review sites and forums.

Nicolai is a dominate force in the off-road market. It has so much to show for downhill and enduro as those categories are opened up in the U.S market. Grace Electric Bikes set the standard for ebikes throughout the world. Grace Electric bikes are one of the only companies with bikes built to an automotive standard from Germany.

Grace Bikes USA and Nicolai Bikes USA will be available for demonstration at booth 32160 on September 10 through 12th at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Nicolai and Grace electric bike companies now enter the USA with a strong distributor and world class engineering from their own facilities. "I am very proud of the team we have formulated as the best innovators and engineers are now working togethering on so many fronts. Germany has always been known to have some of the best engineers and we look forward to showcasing that in our booth at interbike," said Darin Brin, director at Grace Bikes USA. "We welcome everyone to see what is new in Gravity, Downhill and trail bikes from Nicolai, as well as so many surprises in ebikes from Grace and Nicolai," said Brin.

Gates Carbon Drive sets modern standards for custom electric bikes in the U.S.A. Most bicycles made in the last 120 years have been powered by a chain. The Gates Carbon Drive is a proven system designed to be quite, smooth and practically maintenance free.

Carbon Drives are found on a wide variety of Grace and Nicolai Bikes including special drive systems to boot. The drive systems being integrated today eliminate the need for traditional shifting set ups, derailleurs being the first to go. Pinion Gear Boxes sound like something out of a science fair. However in Europe the success of the carbon drives and gear boxes has made Nicolai and Grace Electric Bikes something of a transformation.

Pinion is one of the first largely produced internal speed gearboxes to hit the market in the U.S.A. The Pinion is specifically designed for off-road use, and deemed safe. From this engineering and school of thought comes the pinion for on road and offroad applications.

All products will be available for demonstration and on display at Interbike 2014. Grace Bikes USA and Nicolai USA will be at booth 32160 on September 10 through 12th at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Grace Bikes USA and Nicolai Bikes USA have partnered with premium dealers for retail sales, customization and support. To find local dealers near you, please call 480-320-3813.

To order Grace bikes online or request to become an authorized dealer of Grace Bikes USA, please visit:

To order Nicolai bikes and request to become an authorized dealer, please visit:

About Grace Bikes USA and Nicolai Bikes USA

The award winning Grace Electric Bikes and Nicolai Electric Bikes will be at Interbike 2014 ready to ride. Bike Dealers are encouraged to inquire about opportunities to become an authorized dealer. For more information about retailing in your area, please contact Michael Brown at 480-320-3813.

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