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Press Release

Visual Artist Dr. Judith Duquemin Seeks Funding via Kickstarter for Her Upcoming Project 'Animation Trigonometry'

Dr. Judith Duquemin’s upcoming venture is about creating 200 frames as animated asymmetric tessellations of geometric tiles, for a large scale computerized digital animation.

Matawan, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2014 -- Through her Animation Trigonometry project, Dr. Judith Duquemin wants to create colorful, digital, animated tessellations of geometric tilings as a multi-screen installation using state of the art digital technology. The project will explore asymmetry within new media, with references to geometry, mathematics, ornamentation, gaze theory, perception, asymmetry in art, science and nature, particle physics, geometric abstraction, digital art, animation, computational design, algorithmic aesthetics, visual art practice.

Animation Trigonometry investigates the properties of asymmetry in geometric composition following literature and practical research into Arabic algorithm, Euclidian geometry, aperiodic Girih Tiles, Crystallography, Quasicrystals, Italian Renaissance, Cubism, Geometric Abstraction, Colorfield Art, Conceptual Art, and New Media Art.

Animation Trigonometry will attempt to broaden an understanding of the perception of asymmetry in the moving image using geometric formations as animated sequences. Symmetry that utilizes balance, contrast, rhythm, proportion, and color opposites is associated with the appreciation of beauty in the static imagery or form.

During this project, Judith will create animation frames using technical drawing, acrylic geometric painting, and digital re-construction for a new computational design software program. The number of frames will be about two hundred. The frames will resemble aperiodic tilings. She will also consult with experts from the fields of graphic design, computer design, digital display technology and science.

The techniques that Dr. Duquemin adopts for her project will bring together the principles of ancient Arabic algorism, computational algorithm, and playful visual algorithm to organize specially created tilings in schematic ways. Methods employed for the project include: Deconstruction of geometric shapes (tiles) sourced from science and architecture to form non - repeating, aperiodic tilings.

This project will only be funded if at least £2,000 is pledged by Sat, Jul 26 2014 12:33 AM +05:30.

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About Dr. Judith Duquemin
Dr. Judith Duquemin is an experimental visual artist concerned with contemporary geometric abstraction within the fields of painting and new media. From the commencement of her tertiary art education in 1991 at the University of Sydney, Australia, to the completion of a PhD in Visual Art in 2004, her approach to geometric abstraction has developed in tandem with contemporary abstract painting, conceptual art, and most significantly the digital revolution.

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