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Kalamazoo Marijuana Doctor Helps Alleviate Debilitating Pain of Michigan Patients

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>PRWEB.COM NewswireKalamazoo, Michigan (PRWEB) June 30, 2014

The clinical team at Michigan Holistic Health provides an alternative healthcare environment suitable for patients suffering from a vast array of medical qualifying conditions and ailments. Operating not only as a clinic for alternative healthcare treatments, but a full-scale medical office, the Kalamazoo location medical clinic is widely regarded as one of Michigan's most prestigious, legitimate medical marijuana certification centers. Michigan Holistic Health truly stands out as a palliative, and compassionate clinical care treatment facility, uniquely designed to accommodate patients from all walks of life.

Inquiring patients are encouraged to meet the highly trained staff of healthcare professionals, and in turn, find the best suited treatment option for their particular medical condition. Clinicians at Michigan Holistic Health proudly forge life-long relations with their patients. Starting from the ground up, at Michigan Holistic Health we focus significantly on reducing all forms of debilitating, chronic conditions.

Michigan Holistic Health was opened in 2010 as southwest Michigan's first full-time medical marijuana compassionate care clinic, holding themselves to only the highest standards when it comes to state medical marijuana certifications and renewals. Believing firmly in the healing properties and values of marijuana for chronically ill patients, patients suffering from incurable ailments and palliative treatments for optimized end of life care, the highly trained medical staff at Michigan Holistic Health always keeps the patient's best interest in mind.

Housing board-certified physicians, the Michigan Holistic Health team boasts an incredibly compassionate clinical staff, specializing in palliative healthcare. With years of experience, the Holistic Health team strongly champions the patient's right to their preferred alternative health treatment plan of choice. Once obtaining medical records regarding patient conditions, patient-centered wellness becomes the focus of each appointment, however long or short the visit's duration. Dependent on the severity of the patient's illness, in-house physicians will even go as far as to make house calls for those in extreme need. Physicians at Michigan Holistic Health are always working around the clock to go above and beyond for their alternative healthcare patients.

The Kalamazoo main office location is amongst reputable universities, magnificent nature parks and preserves and larger cultural artist attractions. At present, Kalamazoo is focusing its energy on revitalizing its downtown area, developing further housing condos, restaurants and retail shops. Recently noted in the nation's burgeoning craft beer subculture, Kalamazoo boasts numerous local breweries and brewpubs that manufacture a wide variety of beers. Kalamazoo is the birthplace of the Gibson Guitar Corporation, and boasts a number of musical venues to establish its notable musical presence in the nation.

Michigan patients seeking alternative healthcare treatments from prescription medications and traditional treatments are urged to call Michigan Holistic Health's toll-free number and book their appointments to get started on managing their chronic pain immediately. Michigan Holistic Health proudly opens its doors to legitimate patients seeking legitimate, compassionate healthcare physicians who can offer an alternative perspective in forming a tailor-made treatment plan unique to each individual served. This Kalamazoo alternative healthcare location additionally extends its compassionate healthcare services to patients living in the surrounding areas of Portage, Battle Creek, Sturgis, East Grand Rapids, Kentwood, Cutlerville and Wyoming.

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