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WASHINGTON, June 18, 2014--(PR Newswire)--

Back to Work Means new Challenges for Breastfeeding Women: White House Summit on Working Families to Address moms' return to workplace

PR Newswire

WASHINGTON, June 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- New research from Bravado Designs, a leader in intimate apparel for pregnant and nursing moms, paints a realistic picture of what returning to work looks like for new moms—and it's not pretty. Twenty five percent of working mothers report that they are not able to discuss back to work breastfeeding plans with their employer prior to going on maternity leave. As the nation's top leaders convene in Washington, D.C. next week to focus on creating a 21st century workplace that works for all Americans, Bravado's survey sheds light on the significant need for continued efforts to support and educate new, breastfeeding mothers and their employers as they return to work. The challenges and implications are considerable for the welfare of American families and the economy.

Bravado's survey of more than 1,000 new and expectant mothers in the U.S. also found:

  • That one-quarter of working moms were not able to discuss back to work breastfeeding plans with their employer prior to going on maternity leave.
  • Only 38% of women reported their employer being extremely supportive of their plans to continue breastfeeding and pump at work.
  • A mere 7% of women find pumping at work extremely easy.
  • Despite federal mandates for companies larger than 50 people, more than 25% of women lack a room with privacy in which to pump at work.
  • Two-thirds of women lack the time to pump at work.

'"We understand that addressing new moms' needs upon their return to work is just one piece of the puzzle being discussed at the White House Summit on Working Families, but it's a vital piece. I suspect few Americans support the notion of having to choose between breastfeeding your baby and returning to work," said Tom Wolff, President of Bravado Designs. "But we also realize the magnitude of returning to work to new moms and recognize the great need to address their very real concerns, voiced in our recent survey. We can do more to increase their comfort and confidence."

Bravado's data comes from a survey of new moms, as part of its Little Victories campaign focused on promoting the emotional and physical well-being of pregnant and nursing moms. Online resources further support the findings that today's generation of new moms are turning to the internet for support, specifically online resources that address breastfeeding in public, the role of fathers in supporting breastfeeding, and first generation breastfeeders.

Inspired by real breastfeeding moms and their stories, Bravado's #LittleVictories campaign, is focused on helping moms achieve and appreciate the significance of achieving small steps and little victories, in and out of the home, as productive members of society. Bravado recognizes that being pregnant, having a baby, and breastfeeding are life-changing events that can be rewarding yet challenging. Eight new videos featuring a range of North American experts are now available on the company's YouTube channel —including one focused on a smooth transition back to the workplace by maternal, infant, and lactation specialist Nancy Holtzman.

"Contact your employer several weeks before returning to work," said Holtzman, "and let them know you'll need to express milk two or three times each day once you return. Find out what policies may already be in place, or research the legislation in your area. Present your employer with a positive attitude and practical suggestions to make your pumping plan work for everyone."

About Bravado
Bravado Designs, a Medela company, is a leader in intimate apparel design and innovation with a focus on exceptionally comfortable nursing bras for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Established in 1992, Bravado Designs is committed to helping all new mothers achieve breastfeeding success through a wide range of products, community initiatives, and philanthropic partnerships that support women. With a clear focus on connection and care for new mothers, Bravado is fully committed to ensuring that expectant and new mothers have ready access to the tools they need to have a successful breastfeeding experience. For more information, please visit, on Facebook and on Twitter@BravadoDesigns.

Media Contact: Samantha McIntyre, Forty Weeks,, 908-209-4136

SOURCE Bravado Designs

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