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Press Release

I-MobileAlerts Expands Suite of Life-Saving Apps

i-MobileAlerts launched to help victims of sudden cardiac arrest get the help they need quickly.

Virginia Beach, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2014 -- i-Mobile Alerts, the company that creates life-saving technology, has released an expanded suite of apps that can be tailored to alert friends and family in the case of an emergency. The company is now offering the i-Heart Alert, the i-Emergency Alert, and the i-Emergency Alert LITE. This expanded suite of apps increases the chances that a victim of a life threatening situation can alert family and friends that emergency assistance is needed.

“We developed these apps after learning that a close relative was found dead with the soap still clutched in his hand in the shower from a heart attack,” said Vishal, who founded i-Mobile Alerts along with his father, Upi. “This tragedy made us realize that in case of a sudden cardiac arrest, one is incapacitated to an extent that one cannot even yell for help, let alone press a button on one of those 30 dollar a month alert devices.”

The i-MobileAlerts apps are potential lifesaving tools particularly for the elderly if they are alone for extended periods, business travelers who stay in hotel rooms alone, and persons with a history of heart disease. A timely alert could save a life. For example, the apps can help victims of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), which is responsible for over 380,000 deaths per year making it a leading cause of death in the United States. Only 8% of those stricken with a Sudden Cardiac Arrest survive, simply because an SCA victim cannot alert anyone of their situation and get help.

i-MobileAlerts combine apps and wireless strap monitors to keep track of a wearer's heart rate, notifying the user’s contacts if certain factors vary from their preset thresholds. The notification can be a text message followed by a phone call with a pre-recorded message, along with GPS location. After set up of the application and thresholds, there are no additional actions required by the user while wearing the wireless strap.

The application download is free however the purchase of the wireless heart rate chest strap from is required. There are no other monthly monitoring fees. It is currently available on AndroidTM devices and the iPhone application is currently under development.

i-Emergency Alert is a mobile application that sends an emergency communication by text message, followed by a phone call with a pre-recorded message to the user's programmed contacts. The message contains the user's exact emergency, their position via GPS technology, and, if enabled, their medical profile.

The i-Emergency Alert comes with 17 templates for emergencies such as a medical alert, terrorist attack, seizure, slip and fall, chest pains, intruder alert, pregnancy labor and others, or the ability to create a custom alert. The premiere feature of this application is the one touch Panic Button which is available from the home screen once the first template is enabled on the application.

The i-Emergency Alert is available on AndroidTM devices for $.99 and requires no monthly monitoring fee. The iPhone application is currently under development.

The i-Emergency Alert LITE app is available free on the Google Play Store. The LITE version has the Panic Button, to send text messages with GPS location to selected contacts. The Free LITE version does not have the voice message delivery feature and does not provide emergency templates.

About i-Mobile Alerts
i-Mobile Alerts is dedicated to saving lives and providing peace of mind through mobile technology, because a timely alert may save a life.

To learn more about these applications or to purchase the i-Heart Alert wireless heart rate chest strap visit or

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