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Obtaining stem cells for treatment can now be natural, without medical or dental intervention

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>PRWEB.COM Newswire(PRWEB UK) 14 June 2014

There is a non-invasive way of obtaining stem cells that has the potential for lifetime storage, by utilising a child's milk tooth after it has fallen out naturally. Although some companies advocate that the extraction of a wobbly tooth is best, specialist tooth cell bank BioEden says that providing you have a quality process, extraction is not a requirement. The tooth can be left to fall out naturally, meaning no distress for the child who may be a little worried about a trip to the dentist.

It is a fact that a blood supply must be actively working to preserve the stem cells. However, as this occurs naturally all the way to exfoliation, the intervention of dentists is not a requirement.

Teeth can be put into two categories: deciduous or permanent. Deciduous (milk) teeth are the ones that will fall out naturally over time, whereas permanent teeth are obviously the ones that won't. It is well documented that naturally shed milk teeth provide more and faster dividing cells that extracted milk teeth, something that BioEden have also found in their own laboratories. With naturally shed teeth the stem cells are being actively recruited to the place of remodelling and direct the remodelling process.

Some companies utilise a method of transporting a tooth to the lab in a transport solution which after a limited period of time would destroy the tooth cells. Therefore having a tooth extracted by a dentist would be the only way of getting the tooth delivered in time to avoid this problem. This method has been heavily criticised by parents and the media.

BioEden uses a superior method of transportation that means for up to 5 days the quality or quantity of the cells will not be affected. Although overnight delivery is recommended to minimise any delivery related delays, this process allows extra flexibility to accommodate the busy lifestyles of today's parents and avoids any moral concerns of removing a healthy tooth for money.

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