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Santa Monica's Top Wrongful Death Attorney Arthur Liberty of Liberty & Associates comments on the claims arising out of the fatal fiery FedEx truck collision in Orland

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Santa Monica (PRWEB) May 08, 2014

Santa Monica's Top Wrongful Death Attorney Arthur Liberty of Liberty & Associates comments on the claims arising out of the fatal fiery accident that took the lives of 10 people following a head on collision between a FedEx truck and a bus in Orland, California.

Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board are probing the collision of FedEx tractor-trailer with a bus in a fiery crash in northern California that killed 10 people, five of whom were teenage students who represented 31 different Southern California high schools heading to "Spring Preview Plus" -- a two-day trip that invites low-income and first-generation prospective students to Humboldt State's Arcata campus. The NTSB's preliminary report notes that it remains unclear whether the FedEx driver was somehow distracted or lost consciousness, or whether a mechanical failure occurred when his truck swerved across the median of Interstate 5 and slammed head-on into the motor coach full of students.

Arthur Liberty notes that as one of the leading wrongful death firms, Liberty & Associates has been contacted by several relatives from different families of those who suffered the loss of loved ones who perished in the horrific crash. Mr. Liberty points out that wrongful death claims can be presented by the deceased person's surviving spouse and children, parents, surviving siblings and/or individuals who were financially dependent on the deceased person at the time of his or her death. In a California wrongful death case, a claim involves a single sum award or settlement to a group of family members, thereafter, the group must decide how to split the settlement or award. Generally, multiple surviving family members involved in a single wrongful death claim may have different lawyers representing their different interests. This is especially true if the wrongful death claimants cannot agree on a fair division of the award or settlement, since they may have go to court or arbitration to reach a judgment on how to divide the funds.

In the past month, CBS Los Angeles reports that at least five individual wrongful death claimants have already filed suit against Federal Express and Silverado Stage, the operator of the bus contracted to transport the students. Mr. Liberty points out that this posturing means little at this point as all the family members must eventually participate in the claims. Filing suit at an early stage does little to foster a higher value of the claims and tends to be more about publicity for the individual attorneys filing premature claims in different courts before the causes related to the collision and factors involved are even determined.

Mr. Liberty counsels those wrongful death claimants, whose claims have yet to be filed, to carefully consider retaining experienced wrongful death attorneys capable of bringing to bear facts from forensic accountants and other professionals necessary to properly document the true value of their claim.

Santa Monica's Top Wrongful Death Attorney Arthur R. Liberty of Liberty & Associates has been pursuing wrongful death claims for over three decades at its oceanfront headquarters 100 Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica. Liberty & Associates has recovered millions of dollars at no cost to their clients and can be contacted toll free at (866) 808-7700 or

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