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AMG Services Sandwich Shop Claims Record Sales

Always Made Good (AMG) Sandwich Shop experiences record sales during the first quarter of 2014.

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ESCONDIDO, Calif., May 6, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- By Jessie Guerrero

According to recent news released by AMG Services sandwich shop, the business is beginning to experience serious growth, after just three years in operation. The company did not release exact figures, but said that it saw record growth in revenue during the first quarter of 2014.

"This is big new for us," say John Molly, founder of AMG Services Sandwich Shop. "We've been at it in this business for a little over three years, and honestly it didn't look like it was gonna work out for the first year or two, I'm really proud to say that things are looking up for our company and we're very confident that we will still be in business for many years into the future."

According to the company, one of the factors leading to the increase in revenue was additional marketing efforts during the 2013 holiday season. The company reached out to the community through radio ads, television ads, billboards and advertisement in weekly circulars.

While the marketing efforts increased costs during the final quarter of 2013, AMG Services reports that it's seen a positive return on investment now that the first quarter of 2014 is complete. The company initially enlisted the services of a marketing agency, but ultimately decided to handle their marketing and advertising efforts on their own to reduce expenses.

"Handling all of the marketing on our own was a large task," says John Molly. "In the end it was worth it. If we had a larger budget I think that using a marketing agency would've been a great idea, but we managed to organize all of the advertising efforts on our own and we're seeing the results now."

John Molly continued, "If things keep going the way they are now, soon we'll be able to have an in-house marketing team handling everything, and then I expect growth to really skyrocket."

In addition, to traditional marketing outlets AMG Services focused on local search engine optimization and social media as part of their marketing plan. The company even gave a discount to customers who left reviews on social media sites while they were inside the restaurant. The AMG Services Sandwich Shop reports that their efforts in social media and local SEO may have had the largest return on investment of all of their marketing efforts.

"Not only was social media possibly the most profitable of the marketing strategies that we tried, it was definitely the most fun," says John Molly. "We talked to customers when they came into the shop and offered a discount on their meal if they were willing to leave us reviews and ratings on the major social media sites while they waited for their sandwich. It was a win-win for everybody, it was easy for them, and it worked out great for us in terms of getting more foot traffic into the store."

According to AMG Services a majority of the extra revenue generated in the first quarter of 2014 will go directly back into improving the customer the experience at the shop. The money will go towards improving the products, upgrading features of the restaurants and improving the overall quality of the dining experience. Part of the excess revenue will be received by staff of the shop to incentivize excellent customer service.

"I don't need the extra money in my pocket right now," says John Molly. "But I want to make sure that the workers here feel like their being rewarded for doing a good job. If it wasn't for the hard work that they put in, we wouldn't be where we're at now. So in addition to finding better ingredients and new menu items, we'll be giving a bonus to all of the workers and letting them know that if the customer experience keeps improving, there should be another boonus next quarter."

AMG Services Sandwich Shop serves snacks and sandwiches for lunch and dinner, and is also available for catering special occasions.

Media Contact: Brandon Hopkins, AfterHim Media LLC, 559-871-1613,

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