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Dr. Michael Feiz, MD Agrees with Research that Bariatric Surgery Curbs Type II Diabetes

Obesity and type II diabetes are twin epidemics that can be successfully treated by having bariatric surgery in Los Angeles with Dr. Feiz

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LOS ANGELES, April 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Michael Feiz, MD, FACS, a double board-certified weight loss surgeon in Los Angeles, has seen numerous patients come in for consultations who have type II diabetes. Even more patients are pre-diabetic, or have a high risk of developing the devastating disease, which unfortunately often goes hand in hand with obesity. Dr. Feiz has taken this opportunity head-on to aggressively combat these twin public health crises with an operation he champions: sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Dr. Feiz has seen his diabetic patients go from being dependent on insulin before their surgery, and then the vast majority is off insulin mere months after recovery. Sometimes the change will happen even a few days after the surgery.

Dr. Feiz is a noted bariatric surgeon who has successfully completed thousands of weight loss surgeries, including the lap band, gastric sleeve, and the increasingly important lap band to gastric sleeve conversion. He is passionate about treating diabetic patients and improving their quality of life. Diabetes not only threatens premature death, it also hinders quality of life for the millions of people suffering worldwide, and the risk only grows the longer the patient has had the diagnosis. Some diabetics lose their limbs, their sight, or even fall victim to various organ system failures.

As a leader in his field and community, Dr. Feiz makes it his life's work to treat this deadly disease. Weight loss surgery, which helps the patient not only eat less, but feel less hungry as they lose weight, with the near-elimination of the ghrelin hormone. What makes gastric sleeve surgery particularly effective, says Dr. Feiz, is the fact that patients end up feeling satisfied after smaller portions of food. The reason is two-fold: first, Dr. Feiz removes about 85% of the stomach during surgery, reducing its capacity, which helps patients feel fuller faster. Secondly, this removal of a large portion of the stomach includes the fundus, a part of the stomach which is primarily responsible for sending hunger cues to the brain. The hormone responsible for sending these messages, called ghrelin, often makes obese individuals feel hunger around the clock, and give in to their rampant cravings.

Dr. Feiz is hopeful that his work as a bariatric surgeon will stem the tide of seriously obese Americans suffering from type II diabetes, as weight loss surgery is one of the most promising antidotes to the disease. He strongly encourages type II diabetics, or those predisposed to the disease, to consider bariatric surgery as a tool to lose weight and get control of their diabetes once and for all. By reducing the power that the hunger hormone has on their lives through having gastric sleeve surgery, obese patients can finally put an end to uncontrollable hunger.

If you are severely overweight – approximately 100 pounds or more – your next best step is to take action and consider bariatric surgery. If you're curious if bariatric surgery would be an option for you, visit to sign up for a FREE seminar near you. You may also call 800-868-5946 for further information, and to set up an initial consultation with Dr. Feiz.

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