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New Tell-All Homeschool Handbook Was Released Today By The Home Learning Association

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Englewood, CO (PRWEB) April 28, 2014

The Home Learning Association, an all-inclusive nationwide homeschool organization, has just released a free e-book entitled Terra Scholar - A Complete Handbook for Today's Homeschooler. The e-book provides 285 pages of what parents need to know to homeschool their children while detailing the advantages of homeschooling over other alternatives.

J. Allen Weston, the e-book's author points out that according to "Homeschooling for Excellence" by David and Micki Colfax, nearly 80% of the time a child spends at school is not spent engaged in educational pursuits. Furthermore, as of April of 2013, the statistics from the U.S. DOE, National Institute of Literacy show that millions of children (19% specifically) graduate without knowing how to read their own diploma. To this Weston says, "It is no surprise that homeschooling has shown explosive growth over the past several years and has now become a viable option for just about every family."

Weston says that "the Terra Scholar e-book was designed to provide everything that a parent would need to know in order to homeschool including what children actually need to learn, how children teach themselves, the many advantages of homeschooling and dozens of other critically important topics." Weston goes on to say that "standardized testing, common core, and the sudden epidemic of so-called ADD and ADHD cases are also discussed."

The e-book includes a number of homeschool related advertisements that the author says were included so that the e-book could be made available for free to everyone. He hopes that parents who have never given homeschooling any consideration in the past will now be more open to the idea. This is especially true for parents who thought they had no choice legally but to send their kids to school. Weston cites that "homeschooling became legal in all fifty States in the early 1990's, but many parents don't know that and this lack of information has kept many parents from pursuing this wonderful opportunity."

Weston says that "the term 'Terra Scholar' was selected as the title of the e-book because it represents today's homeschool students who consider the whole world to be their classroom." Weston believes this term more accurately describes the new generation of homeschoolers that neither stay home to learn nor do they do "school." They instead let their passions and interests lead them to a genuine understanding of the real world. Weston says that "as a natural part of pursuing their passions, Terra Scholars typically develop excellent proficiencies in reading, writing, and math as building blocks to learn what interests them the most."

The e-book contains hundreds of references to support the no-nonsense viewpoints expressed by its author. Those interested in reading the e-book can download it from the Home Learning Association website. Weston, who has homeschooled his own children for the past seventeen years, helped to start the nationwide association to provide opportunities to homeschoolers that they haven't had before and to give the homeschool movement a real unified voice.

Weston hopes that the release of this e-book will open parents up to the idea of homeschooling. He also hopes that the e-book will be especially helpful to homeschoolers who have friends and/or relatives who are having a hard time accepting their decision to homeschool. He believes that, "especially in this age of the internet, it is important for parents to not let schooling get in the way of their children's rights, safety or their education." Download a copy of the e-book by clicking HERE and then send your thoughts on the matter to comments(at)homelearningassociation(dot)com.

About the Home Learning Association
The HLA is the first nationwide organization to assist in organizing, coordinating and advancing the growing homeschool movement for all homeschoolers. It offers comprehensive programs, activities and resources not previously available on a nationwide basis. It was founded and is run by the Weston family, a veteran homeschooling family of seventeen years. Started by homeschoolers for all homeschoolers, the Association partners with over a dozen affiliated companies to ensure that all of the homeschooling community's needs are met. To obtain more information, please visit our website at, find us on Facebook, check out our YouTube channel or find us on Twitter (@TerraScholar).

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