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Reading PA Alcohol Drug Rehab Announces New Drug Detoxification Plan

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READING, PA (PRWEB) April 28, 2014

Reading PA Alcohol Drug Rehab is announcing that a new drug detoxification plan is now available for adults and adolescents looking to leave a life of drug abuse behind in Reading and other nearby towns.

The eternal struggle drug addicts face each day is where to get more of what keeps them alive. They want heroin, cocaine, Darvocet, Xanax, Klonopin, marijuana, or any substance that can help change the way they feel. Drug addicts do not look highly upon themselves, usually have esteem issues and don't really care whether they bathe or not. It gets that bad. Then one day, some bright idea might cross the addicted individual's rattled brain that getting clean from drugs can help their lives begin to get better.

The detox process in Reading is quite involved at the beginning. A medical staff member sits down with this individual and takes an inventory of all drugs ingested over the past week. They do an in-depth physical, looking for needle marks, nose bleeds and other complications from drug abuse. Blood pressure, pulse and temperature are taken, too. Once this has been done, then the client enters a special area where medical specialists carefully monitor the healing process. Medications, which are watched by the detoxification medical staff, can provide an easier way to maneuver tough times in detox. These are offered, then the client is weaned off of them. The body will undergo a transition including lack of sleep, nervousness, loss of appetite, and possible hallucinations.

This process is nothing new with the clinic's medical staff. It knows how to treat and adjust a person's detoxification process based upon the progress. Stays in detox can range from 3-4 to 7-8 days, depending upon the individual and how much the body has not fully healed from drug and alcohol addiction.

Click here for more information on Reading PA Alcohol Drug Rehab. For a free consultation, call 484-696-1237.

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