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Top Three Advantages of Implementing E-Procurement Software Over Paper-Based Solutions

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(PRWEB) April 22, 2014

More companies are feeling the pressure to source intelligently while minimizing unnecessary costs. This can be tough to accomplish without leveraging advanced technology, such as purchasing software. A truly comprehensive approach to procurement with a system that can fully integrate within your spend management and supply chain functions offers a dramatic competitive advantage in a crowded market.

Timothy D. Garcia, founder and CEO of Apptricity, provider of mobile enterprise software solutions, has identified the top three benefits of implementing an automated e-procurement solution instead of relying on paper-based solutions.

1. Accuracy. "As competent and creative as even the best-trained employees can be, they are prone to momentary lapses in attention that can cost companies thousands each year," said Garcia. "E-procurement solutions eliminate most of the manual data entry involved in the procurement process, which eliminates opportunities to make mistakes. Beyond that, having access to your company's previous purchasing data can be invaluable for forecasting."

2. Efficiency. "The reality is there's nothing efficient about managing anything via paper," says Garcia. "Beyond the storage concerns and the hassle of keeping track of endless boxes of paper-based procurement data, having the ability to instantly access all pertinent purchasing information online is vital. Additionally, with all ordering functions automated through an e-procurement system, purchasing can be handled quickly and according to established policy, with set authorizations and catalogs."

3. Negotiations. "Using technology to track costs among multiple suppliers can help ensure you are getting the best quality at the lowest price," says Garcia. "E-procurement solutions that offer built-in catalog management help companies ensure not only that they are getting the best deals, but that their employees are taking advantage of negotiated rates."

To learn more about Apptricity's e-procurement solutions, please contact an Apptricity representative at 214-596-0601.

About Apptricity

Apptricity Corporation provides mission-critical supply chain management and integrated finance solutions to Fortune 500 companies, small and midsize enterprises and government organizations across the globe. Apptricity software and solutions mobilize any enterprise with unprecedented levels of real-time information and business intelligence so management has visibility into every action and transaction within the enterprise and among its partners, customers and suppliers. Jetstream, our revolutionary platform, enhances legacy enterprise applications and extends the value of information technology investments. Apptricity Jetstream, Apptricity Smartfleet and Apptricity's other applications address the universal objectives of business, government and the military with accelerated business processes and command visibility. For more information, visit

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