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Fairfield, OH Alcohol Drug Rehab Announces New Residential Treatment Program

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FAIRFIELD, OH (PRWEB) April 21, 2014

Fairfield, OH Alcohol Drug Rehab is pleased to announce that a new residential treatment program for adults and adolescents dealing with drug addiction is now available in Fairfield and nearby towns.

Drug addicts are adults and adolescents who have found themselves caught in a trap of abusing substances like marijuana, cocaine, heroin, opiates, Xanax, prescription pills, and others. They have lost their ability to take care of themselves physically, filling their bodies with harmful drugs instead of healthy food. Their minds are solely occupied with getting a new substance or more of their favorite drug. This type of lifestyle usually either leads to insanity or death.

Residential treatment in Fairfield allows a person time to heal from his or her overuse of drugs. The center takes into account all parts of a person's life and makes sure each troublesome area is addressed through the new program.

Individuals learn ways to leave their drug use in their past. At first, the facility's medical staff leads a client to a medical exam. These results help the entire staff form a place to start a long-term treatment plan. Each individual will have different needs. The staff will know which direction to take based upon their experiences with residential treatment programs.

The drug rehab now offers a new comprehensive program. It does involve individual and group therapy, detoxification processes, classes on studying the nature of addiction, attending 12-step meetings, and physical fitness classes. The new residential treatment program also includes periods of time for prayer and meditation. Clients are able to reclaim their own lives. They work through emotional, physical and mental issues that led them to abusing drugs. In the program, alcohol addiction, which co-exists with drug abuse many times, receives attention too.

Through the new rehabilitation treatment program, adults and adolescents who once were thought to be lost causes are able to find a new life and rise again into people that can contribute to society in meaningful ways.

Click here for more information on Fairfield OH Alcohol Drug Rehab. For a no-cost consultation, call 513-342-4902.

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