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H2O Coin, the First Crypto-Coin Made for Water Charity Purposes, Donated 17.5 Bitcoins to One Drop at a Time can Save a Life 4/17/2014

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Serbia, Novi Sad (PRWEB) April 17, 2014

H2OCoin is a coin with charity at its core. Built by collaboration between project founder, ThisWeeksCoin, and talented coin developers from throughout the coin community, H2O coin helps tackle one of the world's biggest problems. Specifically, H2O coin enables the community to bring access to clean drinking water to the staggering number of people who survive without.

Water is a basic need, for anyone in any state or country, and on any continent. Unfortunately, not all of he world have the same chances, but there are a few people out there who are willing to make things happen for others. The H2OCoin team strives to be the driving factor towards increasing awareness of the clean water issues, as well as lending a helping hand to have this matter resolved as efficiently as possible.

H2OCoin can be referenced to as a "water charity crypto currency", because its primary focus is raising funds and awareness for the several water-related charities in existence, such as The Water Project. More charities will be announced at a later date.

The reason why H2OCoin needs the collaboration with ThisWeeksCoin, is because of the public outreach. Everyone lives in a world where it's not easy to get noticed among the never-ending stream of information thrown our way, whether it's in physical or digital form.

ThisWeeksCoin has some clout among the social media crowd, and knows how to efficiently spread the word about H2OCoin. Raising awareness can't be done overnight, of course, but having a stepping stone to start this process is only the beginning for H2OCoin.

To date, a significant amount of funding has been raised amongst the crypto community through the combined efforts of both ThisWeeksCoin and the H2OCoin team.

This fund raising has been realized through allowing people who wanted to invest in H2OCoin, do so, by paying in Bitcoin. In return for these Bitcoins, they would receive an amount of H2OCoin. In a span of just over four and a half days, 35 Bitcoin was invested in the potential presented by H2OCoin.

In order to make sure both investors, as well as the developers of H2OCoin, would be secure through these transactions, an escrow service was used. This added to the legitimacy of H2OCoin, and made sure everything went smoothly and safely.

Half of the funds that have been invested, were donated to The Water Project , 17.5 Bitcoin, or $7,904 in total at the moment the transaction was sent. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as more projects are being planned as we speak.

H2OCoin is the first crypto currency designed specifically to support water-related charities, and is therefore unique in its kind. Great things are planned for H2OCoin, supported by ThisWeeksCoin.

Stay tuned. H2Ocoin just started!

Message by @ThisWeeksCoin:

"I hope more people will "wake up" and see that things aren't as nice as we see them on the television. Lives are lost because people in some countries drink dirty/poisoned water. Lives are lost because some of them don't have water at all.

We can't change the world. What we can do , is try to improve the world we live in.

Join the first crypto currency made for water charity , improving the world one drop of water at a time.

I would also like to thank everyone involved with H2OCoin, and I'm welcoming everyone to join our community!"

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The Water Project H2OCoin page :

Contact information:
Aleksandar Vujanov


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H2Ocoin has the right to share it from @TheWaterProject.

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