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The Holy Grail from Saint Padre Pio's Roma Collection Shown for the First Time by Soon to Be Saint Natuzza Evolo.

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(PRWEB) April 16, 2014

The 2000 year search for the Holy Grail has ended. The most sought after antiquity in history has been found and revealed by the curator of the Saint Padre Pio 1000 relic collection in Rome, Italy. The Grail that set on The Last Supper table of Jesus has been verified by carbon dating, testimonies of anthropologists and in the until now secret video of Natuzza Evolo holding The Grail.

Manoa Valley Publishing Company Closes in on Secret Location and Holder of Saint Pio's Holy Grail in "The Freeing of the Holy Grail."

The Manoa Valley Publishing Company has identified the discovered claimed location and protector of the most sought after sacred antiquity in history – The Holy Grail – in its book "The Freeing of the Holy Grail."

The Holy Grail was on Jesus' table at the Last Supper and has been hidden in the collection of Saint Padre Pio in Rome since his passing in 1968. Alberto Festa, the curator of the Pio collection, has guarded it from the threats and intrusions of the modern religious world.

Best seller author and researcher Tim C. Leedom said, "Evidence is not proof, but it can't be dismissed."

Highlights from the book include:

  • The Holy Grail came into the possession of Saint Padre Pio in the early 1900's. Saint Padre is one of the most popular and revered Saints in the world.
  • He is a "People's Saint" and was at odds with the Vatican many times over his healings, stigmata and leaving the "Vase of St. Peter " and many relics to a poor priest and not the Vatican.
  • Al Festa is the co-author of "The Freeing of the Holy Grail" and grandnephew of Dr. Giorgio Festa Saint Pio's personal physician.
  • Al Festa was threatened by Cardinal Ratzinger in 2002 after being summoned to the Vatican – "I see a cloud over your head and it will not disappear until you give us what is rightfully ours."
  • Al wishes to bring the Grail to United States in accordance with Saint Pio's wishes – "The Holy Grail will be safe and be seen and appreciated by all the people, away from dark shadows."
  • Bestselling Newport Beach editor and Award Winning author Tim C. Leedom is Al Festa's co-author.
  • In the possession of the authors is a never seen DVD of Natuzza Evolo, the revered holy woman of Italy holding the Holy Grail from the Saint Padre Pio Collection. She proclaims its authenticity and the manner in which Saint Pio received the priceless relic. Because she has been hiding it from the Vatican it may jeopardize her path to Sainthood.

Evidences and proofs include carbon dating, photographs, illustrations and testimonials from a leading European anthropologist, a respected hand writing expert and dozens of questions answered by Saint Pio collection curator Alberto Festa.

"The importance of the Holy Grail historically and religiously cannot be overstated. Kings, Templars, Nazis, historians and movie makers have sought to capture this illusive sacred relic for over 2000 years – now it has been revealed by the Christ like humble Saint – The Italian Saint Padre Pio" says Tim C. Leedom.

"The Freeing of The Holy Grail "book signing will be held at Martha's Book Store on Balboa Island on Saturday. April 19 starting at 11 am.

Other books by Manoa Valley Publishing Company include Award Winning Children's book "The Light Side" which earned the Film Advisory Board Award of Excellence, "The Main Man" and the World War Two letters "Worlds Apart."

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