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Press Release

Central Texas Gun Works: LivingSocial Cancels Central Texas Gun Works Promotion In Reaction To Tragedy At Fort Hood

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AUSTIN, Texas, April 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- After receiving news of the tragedy at Fort Hood on April 2, 2014, LivingSocial, the popular deal-of-the-day website that offers discounted products and services on behalf of local businesses, unexpectedly unscheduled the promotion of Central Texas Gun Works' gun safety and training course. When I, as the owner, was notified of this cancellation, LivingSocial could not provide me with a set date on when gun-related promotions would resume. The LivingSocial representative handling this particular promotion for my business stated that the company would not be featuring gun-related deals on its site. According to the representative, the company would prefer to feature the deal at "the best possible time for both merchant and consumer".

Now, my question is when tragedy involving a firearm strikes so close to home, why would anyone have an issue with gun owners choosing to undergo safety training? By canceling this promotion, I believe that LivingSocial is supporting the belief that guns are the issue, when in reality the tragedy at Fort Hood is that of a mental health issue. I also believe that it is a poor business practice for a company to take a reactionary stance against suspending one of their client's promotions. Although guns are used to cause harm, many other merchants sell merchandise that is also used to cause harm. It is not the merchant's fault that individuals use its merchandise to cause harm.

While I am sensitive to the events that unfolded at Fort Hood, LivingSocial did not suspend airline or automobile-related promotions when the news broke of the missing Malaysian Airlines plane or the accident injuring and killing bystanders with a car during SXSW. People used an airplane and a car to cause harm; however, neither inanimate object caused harm on its own. If LivingSocial chooses to suspend a promotion in reaction to an event, it is my opinion that canceling promotions should be handled consistently across all industries as it relates to the respective tragedy, devastation or accident.

I do not believe that firearms are the problem. My business teaches safety and proficiency to those who choose to own firearms, which is a right of citizens of the United States. I feel that by suspending our promotion, LivingSocial is supporting a misconception that firearms and related businesses are the problem. This viewpoint is what gun owners and supporters, like me, are trying to fight.


Central Texas Gun Works is a local Austin training school and retailer of firearms, ammunition, and safety accessories. In addition to holding regular Texas concealed handgun license (CHL) classes, Central Texas Gun Works is also a licensed training school for Texas Private Security Bureau (PSB) Level II, Level III, and Level IV private security classes.

Michael Cargill, owner of Central Texas Gun Works, has served as a Texas DPS-certified CHL instructor for eight years and has over 20 years of firearms experience. He is also an NRA-certified Pistol Instructor, Chief Range Safety Officer, and Personal Protection Inside the Home Instructor. In addition, he is a Texas DPS-licensed PSB Instructor for Level II and Level III private security classes. As of 2014, Michael has taught over 7,000 applicants the required material to obtain a Texas CHL, and has a 99% success rate.

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