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Cloudyn Introduces Enterprise Chargeback Edition

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San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 08, 2014

Cloudyn, the leading solution for cloud monitoring and optimization, today announced the general availability of Cloudyn Enterprise Chargeback Edition, a new offering that squarely addresses the increasing challenge facing enterprise companies and their growing need to regain control of and optimize their cloud deployment. This first-of-a-kind solution is aimed at enterprise finance and IT groups to help them map cloud costs to their deployments at the departmental level so they can more effectively optimize their cloud activities. Cloudyn Enterprise Chargeback Edition offers large companies one view across multiple business units into cloud usage, cost drivers, and resource allocation, providing actionable recommendations for enhancing utilization, increasing performance, and reducing spend.

C-level executives of large enterprises, with several line-of-business units and complex cloud deployments, currently lack insight into departmental, workgroup or user-based cloud activities. This lack of insight makes it exceedingly complicated for a company's finance group to apply appropriate chargebacks and accurately identify areas most in need of cost and performance optimization. Cost allocation and chargeback activities can be particularly time-consuming tasks, as they require finance teams to decipher reams of cloud vendor billing data to identify from where the costs originated.

Key product features include:

  • One view across multiple business units – Provides top-level management with across-the-board insights and an aggregated view of their entire cloud deployment. Areas in need of optimization are easily identified.
  • Customized access and chargeback self-serve – Management can assign business units with unique views to specific cloud accounts relevant to them, so they can manage and optimize their own usage and cost.
  • Cost entity definition – Finance teams and/or IT/unit managers can breakdown and attribute costs to any relevant business unit, cost center or other "cost entities" (e.g. projects, teams, stacks within a business unit, etc.). They can also determine exactly which business units are driving cloud costs and how.

"With all of the varying pricing models for multiple cloud vendors, we understand that cloud cost management is a significant challenge for our enterprise customer base," said Sharon Wagner, CEO of Cloudyn. "Therefore, we're really pleased to make available this industry-first solution that offers clear insights into how enterprises can spend less on their cloud investment."

Limited Time, Free Trial
Available immediately, Cloudyn's Enterprise Chargeback Edition is available for a limited time, free trial. Interested parties can sign up here:

About Cloudyn
Founded in 2011, privately-held Cloudyn is the leader in cloud monitoring and cost optimization for cloud infrastructure deployments (IaaS). The company's industry-leading SaaS solution delivers unprecedented insights into usage trends and cost allocation coupled with custom prescriptive actions for enhancing performance and reducing spend. With more than 2,500,000 virtual instances monitored, Cloudyn helps businesses that are migrating to the cloud dramatically reduce their cloud costs and bring them under optimum control, increase operational performance, and capitalize on customer choice. Its technology-leading products have attracted more than 1,200 customers, including F500 global enterprises and SaaS companies.

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