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Lack of Venus Factor Negative Reviews Exposed by Health Writer Laura O'Connor

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West Palm Beach, FL (PRWEB) March 31, 2014

Laura O' Connor of has studied numerous weight loss and workout programs over the years. In her research of John Barban's The Venus Factor, however, she found very few negative reviews. While the lack of negative publicity could be considered a good sign, it made O'Connor more suspicious, prompting her to purchase The Venus Factor so that she could examine the weight loss diet and workout program at length to discover its flaws.

The Venus Factor is a program developed solely for women, allowing them to shed the pounds and achieve a more toned and feminine body in a span of 12 weeks. The Venus Factor claims to do away with obsessing over dieting terms such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats and sugar. Instead, the program focuses on the key component of leptin, and discusses how this hormone can help regulate metabolic hormones and burn fat in the right places.

After purchasing and going through the program, O'Connor did find some flaws.

One thing that annoyed O'Connor inside the members area was that it included other "sales pitches" for additional material for sale, such as cookbooks, meal plans, and programs/workouts by other people.

"I'm fine with John Barban's company trying to sell me other products, they are running a business after all but I'd rather not see these pitches inside my members area, and they should be clearly marked as not being part of the program," says O'Connor.

Another one of O'Connor's Venus Factor negative reviews was related to what appears to be a small glitch in the program's exercise section. Each day of the program contains a list of exercises to perform, and every exercise links to an instructional video. After watching a video, however, if you click the back button in the browser, you are led back to the table of contents instead of back to the current day you are on. "It's not a deal breaker... I just have to scroll down a bit again to get to my day, but it's still a negative," says O'Connor.

Overall, O'Connor couldn't find much to pick on. "The Venus Factor is a solid diet and workout program. It's easy to read, and follow. I found the community to be one of the program's best kept secrets, it's active, helpful and full of people encouraging each other."

O'Connor concludes, "If you can look past the other integrated sales pitches and a minor glitch or two, John Barban's program is solid and certainly worth a try."

The entire Venus Factor system is comprised of a weight loss program, a nutritional plan, workout videos, video coaching lessons, and access to an online community of women called Venus Immersion.

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