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North Carolina Local Scotty McCreery Shows Fans a Small-town Boy Can Make It Big, Local Music Expert Billy Cuthrell of Progressive Music Center Offers Advice

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Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) March 11, 2014

Scotty McCreery, a North Carolina native, will perform along with The Fray at the Kentucky Derby Festival on May 2nd before the official start of the Kentucky Derby. McCreery has risen in the country music world after winning the 10th American Idol competition in 2011. His rise in popularity has made him a hot commodity for many performances, including the Kentucky Derby Festival in May 2014. (, Feb 24, 2014)

During the two weeks leading up to the famous Kentucky Derby, thousands of people from all over the world arrive to partake in a whirlwind of special events and delicious food. The festival is a grand event and is recognized the world over. McCreery has now become part of this proud tradition through his superb music skills. It all started locally in his home state of North Carolina with his smaller victories leading to his much larger one with American Idol.

“His singing would land him early fame as he performed around the state in numerous local events and later on, he would go on to winning some of these events, including a singing contest called ‘Clayton Idol’ in the town of Clayton, North Carolina and another contest called ‘Rip the Hallways’ where he would beat 36 other teenage finalists for the victory. While admittedly small when compared to his future victories, Scotty’s local victories in these small contests would pave the way to his destiny: stardom and national fame,” (Scotty’s Early History: Scotty McCreery Official Site, July 8, 2013).

McCreery’s musical talents developed as a child, which is the best time for learning music and rhythms just like it is for language. Music is a fundamental aspect of society and is extremely popular amongst all age groups. There are many different roles a musician can take based on what instrument they are playing and the type or genre of music.

“Every child should have the opportunity to shine just like local Scotty McCreery did in his appearance on American Idol,” exclaims Bill Cuthrell of Progressive Music Center. “Through perseverance and hard work, McCreery developed his singing talent, starting at a young age. Other North Carolina and national youth have the opportunity to succeed in the music world by enhancing their skills with the help of professional instructors.”

Kids should take the opportunity to learn as much as they can about music. This could mean songwriting, playing both guitar and piano, and performing in front of a life audience or in a studio.

“There are so many ways to be successful in the musical world. Scotty McCreery did that by following his dream and using his impressive singing talents. Dreams for other youth might include mastering the flute or forming a band with friends. Music doesn’t have to be limited to one instrument or a competition. I encourage people of all ages and from all walks of life to find what they love about music and pursue it to the best of their ability,” says Cuthrell in Thought Economics. (Thought economics, March 8, 2013)

Billy Cuthrell available for interviews, contact What Matters Media 800-880-9991

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