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ditto Device iOS App Makes Living with Diabetes Easier

Bluetooth wireless system connects multiple glucose meters to cloud-based logbook

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PLEASANTON, Calif., Feb. 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Biomedtrics Inc., a Pleasanton, Calif.-based technology company, announces  enhancements for their ditto glucose data system including iPhone application, expansion of the supported meter menu and energy efficiency features such as auto-power off after syncing.  In fact, ditto is the only Bluetooth 4.0 enabled wireless system connecting multiple compatible glucose meters to a mobile glucose logbook for iOS devices and a cloud-based secure website.  The ditto Bluetooth for Android devices has been on the market since October, 2013.

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The ditto device frees glucose data from thirteen different compatible FDA approved glucose meters and wirelessly syncs with Bluetooth enabled mobile phones, tablets and laptops. The website,, is a cloud-based, secure website which enables glucose data tracking from any internet enabled device.

"Ditto rocks!" says Rick Davis. "Ditto has been a great addition to my toolkit to give me an easy but comprehensive view into my glucose trends over weeks and months", he adds.  Having a small device profile for ditto also allows a nice fit into my glucose case, he concludes.

The biggest hassle to glucose data tracking is manual entry into a paper or electronic logbook app.

"Biomedtrics to the rescue!" says Scott Simms. He has been using the ditto application and device for a few months. Having the glucose electronic logbook allowed him to document and present his glucose data to his insurance company to get a more suitable pump.

 "We offer a seamless approach to data transmission that integrates into a person's life. The ditto device eliminates manual entries with wireless Bluetooth technology. You can also create a photo snapshot history of activities and food choices with the app. This makes the ditto device and app much more user friendly than other products in the market" concludes Robert Englert, CEO of Biomedtrics.

Dr. Jennifer Shine Dyer a pediatric endocrinologist in private practice in Columbus Ohio, an accomplished behavioral researcher and mobile health entrepreneur comments that ditto is an "Interesting device that allows glucometers to become Bluetooth. Our patients' parents would really love to have a solution to connecting glucometer numbers in real time to a cloud platform!"


Free your glucose data today. Download the app and get the ditto device.  Here are the links to the iOS or Android application for glucose logbook.

Purchase the ditto device and have full access to the entire glucose data system. Ditto devices are available on Amazon and Biomedtrics Inc.

About Biomedtrics

Biomedtrics, Inc. is a technology company that views medical data sets as enormous and powerful sources of health information that can be utilized to serve the needs of patients, health care providers, insurance companies, and other entities. The goal of the company is to create connectivity and utilization tools to improve health through access and analytics. Company founders and advisors have extensive experience in network solutions, information management, programming, IT infrastructure, data mining, medical devices and diagnostics.

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