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To Share or Not to Share: Social Media on Valentine's Day

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PALO ALTO, Calif., Feb. 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Social media has a large impact on people's days.  A new study by measured a variety of people, in order to figure out how people are planning to spend Valentine's Day on social media and Facebook. The results show that both men and women have different plans for the information they are going to share on the holiday, whether in a relationship, or single.

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When both men and women were questioned about if they would avoid or check social media when single on Valentine's Day, a significant amount of males, 50%, responded that they would check it, while only 27% of women responded that they would. A higher amount of women, with 72%, responded that they would specifically avoid logging in to social media to avoid other people's love lives. 

Another question in the survey asked people what they least like to see on social media on the romantic holiday. 27% of women dread "selfies" of couples, while only 2% of men reported that was a problem. 28% of men are bothered by romantic messages that couples post on their Facebook walls, while 18% of women reported it as a problem. A surprising 70% of men were bothered by cheesy status updates, while 55% of women found that to be a major problem.

Some people like to share their love with the world, but their friends do not necessarily enjoy it. When surveyed if people think social media is a good place to express one's love for someone, 35% of men feel it is appropriate, along with 45% of women who agree. More men and women feel that traditional methods of affection are more acceptable, such as a card. Additionally, 60% of men feel that they prefer to keep their love to themselves, while 45% of women surveyed feel the same. 

A staggering 72% of women will announce to the world on social media that they are single on Valentine's Day, in an effort to connect with other singles and find a date. 52% of men agreed that they would announce it to social media. Sadly, an equal 45% of both men and women feel lonelier looking at other people's social media pages that are in happy relationships. 

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