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Double blind study validates natural therapy used by women's shelter as a viable first line treatment for Depression and ADHD

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CARDSTON, AB, Feb. 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ - Raymo"Shinah House Foundation", an assisted living community resource for women in mental health crisis based in Southern Alberta, uses nutritional health to achieve balance and well-being; specifically through the use of micronutrients to reduce the symptoms of mental illness.  Sharon Unger, Founder and President of Shinah House, has seen first-hand the recovery made possible in part by the health effects from a micronutrient therapy originally designed for Bipolar Disorder. 

Researchers at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch New Zealand have recently found in a double blind study that a micronutrient supplement  "has significant benefits for adults with psychiatric symptoms of depression, ADHD, hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention."

Dr. Julia Rucklidge and her team of researchers successfully completed the placebo-controlled study, the 24th independent study on EMPowerplus™ which was published in the February, 2014 in The British Journal of Psychiatry.

According to the researchers, 47.6% of the micronutrient group were "much" to "very much improved" over the eight-week study.  "The results suggested that it may be an effective treatment for some, particularly those who do not tolerate or choose not to take medications."

The research publication also identified a major reduction in symptoms of Depression in those suffering with moderate to severe Depression. "A further exploration of the MADRS scores revealed a significant difference favoring the micronutrient group when a subsample of those with moderate or severe depression at baseline was examined."

In the study researchers reported "We demonstrated that micronutrient treatment induced statistically robust improvements in several indices…Specifically, participants taking the micronutrient formula [EMPowerplus™] reported greater improvement in both inattention and hyperactivity/ impulsivity compared with those taking a placebo."

Dr. Rucklidge further reported "Hyperactivity/ impulsivity scores were reduced into the normal "non-clinical" range with micronutrient administration but not [the] placebo." 

"This research supports what we have been doing at Shinah House for years," shares Unger, "providing women who suffer from mood disorders or mental illness with micronutrients rather than medication.  I have seen lives change."

The Shinah House Foundation is a registered charity, working to develop a model of community mental health support that can be adapted to each community's unique needs, culture, and resources. More information about Shinah House can be found by visiting

The micronutrient formula known as Truehope EMPowerplus(TM), was developed by The Synergy Group of Canada Inc., an Alberta-based organization dedicated to researching and developing new technologies for the treatment of mood disorders.  Truehope EMPowerplus™ has been the subject of twenty-four medical journal publications, of which two are double blind placebo controlled studies.

SOURCE Shinah House Foundation

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