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Easy DIY Aquaponics: Review Examines Andrew Endre’s Technique for Growing Organic Produce At Home Four Times Faster

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Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) January 30, 2014

Easy DIY Aquaponics, a guide to building an organic gardening system at home that uses a fish ecosystem to grow and fertilize produce using less time and less space has caught the attention of Shane Michaels, prompting and investigative review.

“This guide shows people one of the most efficient ways they can take eating organically into their own hands, in a way that’s easy and very affordable,” reports Michaels. “Following the steps in this guide, users can easily build an aquaponics system in their own home or yard that will produce more fruits and vegetables than they consume, and it will do this four times faster than traditional gardening techniques.”

Andrew Endre created this guide to help people discover how they can stop relying on fruits and vegetables from major grocery stores that are made from genetically modified organisms and filled with pesticides. Easy DIY Aquaponics is based on the concept that fish and organic plants produce a mutually beneficial relationship with each other. A fish ecosystem produces ammonia, algae, and minerals, which in a standard tank, must be cleaned with chemicals or manually. However, with an aquaponics system, the water cycled through is cleaned by the plants, which also receive the beneficial minerals, nitrates, and ammonia they need to grow from the fish. The aquaponics system requires no daily watering, no weeding, and no soil, creating perhaps the most maintenance-free organic gardening experience possible. The Easy DIY Aquaponics guides shows readers how they can build their own system for less than $200, and start growing organic plants within just a few days. Currently, each purchase of Easy DIY Aquaponics comes with six bonus guides, including Worm Farming, Insider Tips to Healthy Living, DIY Green House Plans, Build a Windmill Plans, Vegan Cooking for Newbies, and Survival Plants. All of these materials, at a total value of more than $400, are available for instant download for just $37.

“This guide finally gives consumers the answer to escaping the harmful pesticides found in produce that have been proven to cause cancer, Parkinson’s, infertility, autism, obesity, and so many other adverse health conditions,” says Michaels. “The 3D designs and step-by-step instructions included in the guide are so user friendly that virtually anyone can build their own aquaponics system at home.”

“People will be amazed at just how easy it is to grown their own organic produce at home, and how amazing they feel after eating the pure, nutrient-rich food that this system creates.”

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