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JivoSite Expands Its Website Chat Functions by Adding Calling Capabilities With VoxImplant

SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwired - Jan 29, 2014) -  VoxImplant, a communications cloud platform built specifically for mobile and web app developers, today announced the integration of its click-to-call functionality into JivoSiteVoxImplant (built by Zingaya, the real-time communication (RTC) service provider for businesses) now allows developers to easily embed RTC functionalities into both web and mobile apps. JivoSite adds live-chat function to websites, providing an additional avenue for interaction between customers and sales representatives.

"We chose VoxImplant because it made development easy and because the technology has the key capabilities that we need to expand our service," said Timur Valishev, CEO, JivoSite. "Installation has been quick and simple, because VoxImplant has done most of the work for us. We had tried to use another platform before VoxImplant, but there were a lot of problems with the quality and reliability -- essential components for voice communications. It also didn't support WebRTC, a capability our customers really wanted. We had no problems with VoxImplant at all and we're excited to add to this functionality to JivoSite and have it working as our customers expected."

JivoSite is offered as a free (for up to five agents) or premium (with additional features) service that incorporates a text chat feature into a business's website. Customers and sales representatives can chat live while the customer browses the website, and sales representatives can speak with multiple customers at the same time, improving efficiency, sales, and productivity.

The integration of VoxImplant into JivoSite will give the customers of JivoSite clients the ability to call the sales representatives they are chatting with right through the JivoSite chat window with the click of a button -- there is nothing to download. The VoxImplant Web SDK uses WebRTC-enabled browsers and Flash for all others to provide in-browser voice and video capabilities. VoxImplant provides infrastructure and support for call communications capabilities through a cloud application engine.

"We're excited to see this unique application of VoxImplant," said Alexey Aylarov, CEO, Zingaya. "While text chats are great and allow sales representatives to speak with multiple customers at the same time, some conversations reach a point where a voice call just makes more efficient sense. We're happy we could help JivoSite add this new feature to their successful product."

About VoxImplant
VoxImplant empowers web and mobile apps with voice and video communication through its cloud platform. A service made by Zingaya (the company delivering real-time communication services to businesses), VoxImplant allows developers to build applications faster and more easily by taking care of the complex infrastructure and technologies all too common when adding audio and visual communication into apps.

About JivoSite
JivoSite provides a truly convenient, easy-to-use and affordable live chat solution. Founded in January 2012, JivoSite is now helping more than 40,000 websites worldwide to make conversations with customers easy and productive, increasing online sales and raising quality of online customer support.

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