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Clinical Trial Results Highlight the Efficacy of Instaflex Joint Supplement

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Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) January 29, 2014

Direct Digital, LLC, the developer and marketer of Instaflex® Joint Support, one of the nation’s top-selling joint relief supplements, recently announced the findings of an independent clinical study which reviewed the efficacy of the popular product. The trial was an eight week, double-blind, placebo controlled study of both male and female participants conducted at the North Carolina Research Lab in Kannapolis, N.C.

Direct Digital is also the company behind such nutritional supplements as Beneflex® Joint Relief, Nugenix® Testosterone Booster, Nugenix® Prostate Support, Lumiday® Mood Enhancement, Luminite® Sleep Support and Slim Science™. Instaflex® is currently one of the leading joint support nutritional supplements sold at all US and Canadian-based GNC locations, as well as via Furthermore, it ranks as a top-selling product in the Walgreen’s drugstore chain.

The clinical study included 100 participants as part of the company-funded research trial, half who consumed the branded joint supplement, while the remaining half ingested a placebo. After only four weeks, joint discomfort was significantly reduced by 37 percent of the participants using the Instaflex® branded supplement versus only 16 percent of the participants taking the placebo.

Instaflex®, which is comprised of a blend of ingredients, is considered a premium nutritional supplement due to the ‘cocktail’ approach used in the formulation process. Direct Digital Co-Founder, Brandon Adcock, stated, “Instaflex is effective thanks in part to the ‘cocktail of ingredients’ approach – we utilized multiple key ingredients which are clinically-researched for their effectiveness to help relieve joint discomfort.”

Dr. David Nieman, director of the Appalachian State University Human Performance Lab located at the N.C. Research Campus indicated he agreed the “cocktail” or ingredient blending approach was a primary reason for the overall success of the supplement. Nieman stated that “this is one of the few cocktails using ingredients to be shown effective.” In addition, Nieman went on to elaborate that while “weight loss remains one of the best ways an individual can reduce joint discomfort,” he emphasized the study showed improvement within only four weeks and that studies on single-ingredient products within the joint category “have had mixed results, with some indicating joint relief and some not.”

Direct Digital’s Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. David Katz, MD, also reviewed the results of this clinical study in full detail and agreed with the findings of Dr. Nieman and staff. Dr. Katz stated that “the study supports the multi-ingredient approach and reinforces the company’s commitment to the thoughtful development of safe and effective nutriceuticals based on balanced recipes incorporating elements with complementary mechanisms of action.”

The unique and effective ingredient profile supporting the Instaflex® study includes a solid, robust blend of eight ingredients which were specifically selected to work in conjunction with one another and encourage positive results, typically within four weeks. In addition to the blended ingredient approach of the formulation, several of the ingredients utilized are individually backed by substantial scientific evidence supporting their efficacy. And, the clinical trial clearly further supports this stringent formulary approach.

Instaflex® Joint Support is and has been a trusted and reliable source of relief for joint discomfort since 2009. It is available at,, and at all GNC retail stores nationwide. To learn more about Instaflex® Joint Support and the entire portfolio of Direct Digital products, please visit or

About Direct Digital, LLC
Direct Digital, LLC, based in Boston, MA and Charlotte, NC, is a leader in brand creation, product development and online marketing within the health and wellness space. The company owns multiple leading supplement brands such as Instaflex® Beneflex®, Nugenix®, Lumiday® Luminite® and Slim Science™. All Direct Digital products are distributed throughout North America and internationally, including Canada and the Middle East. For additional information, please visit


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